How Patty Rocklage Renovated Her Home With Little Expense

Patty’s Background


Patty Rocklage is a licensed marriage and family therapist based in Sudbury, Massachusetts. She is wife to Scott Rocklage, a renowned healthcare services expert. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 1981 and boasts of over 20 years’ experience in the marriage counselling industry.


Rocklage Home Renovation


Patty Rocklage  and her husband toured Sudbury Kitchen and Bath show, and made an astounding discovery. Their home needed some face-lifting, and they were thinking of enlisting the services of subcontractors. They did not know that Ed Freelander, and Sudbury Kitchen and Bath employees were equally capable of renovating their home. They learnt of the merits of hiring Sudbury companies over subcontractors during the walk-in. The firm was able to examine their house and come up with a concrete plan on how to efficiently refurbish it. They would focus on reducing costs incurred without compromising the quality of output. Lots of time and resources would also be salvaged if they were to outsource to Sudbury Companies.


The disjoint between the kitchen and other rooms in the houses did not please the Rocklage’s. Ed came up with three solutions to this; shifting the kitchen to another room, renovate the existing kitchen or build an entirely new kitchen. Designers from the Sudbury companies drew colored artistic impressions and printed 3D models of three options, giving a vivid outlook of the expected results.


After assessing the three possible outcomes and revisiting their budget, the family decided to prioritize the redesign of the front door. The front façade was not accessible to guests, who often got lost while trying to locate it. The renovation of the Kitchen had to be momentarily put aside.


Ed designed the façade to be a three season porch. The porch would be optimized to receive sunlight when it’s rising and when it’s setting, according to Ed. The porch would also remain heated during winter season to combat chilly conditions.


Sudbury was also conserved in landscaping the project while conserving the environment. Due to the location of the home in a wetland buffer zone, relevant authorities had to be consulted before work could begin. After approval, Sudbury staff began the work. They removed over 20 truckloads of earth in a bid to level the area. The staff tried their best to finish their work before Christmas, but the bleak winter weather stood in their way.


The Rocklage’s were only seeking to refurbish their kitchen, but they ended up renovating the whole house. By entrusting the work to, Sudbury the family saved money and resources, with the project being completed in just six months.


Renovation of University Chemistry Laboratory


The Rocklage family made a significant donation towards the refurbishment of a chemistry lab in MIT. Scott said that the gift was a sign of the family’s gratitude for the quality education he received at the institution.

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