How Luke Lazarus Guides Struggling Start-Ups Succeed

Start-up consultant Luke Lazarus bases part of his personal philosophy on an observation by Henry David Thorough. “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” When a fledgling business or struggling start-up in South Eastern Australia needs guidance they can turn to Luke Lazarus.

Education and Early Career

Luke Lazarus related that many of his friends took time off to enjoy their first taste of independence before attending university. In his eagerness to “start making big moves” Lazarus enrolled in the Melbourne School of Business immediately. By the age of 24 Lazarus had earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Lazarus’ first attempt at starting a business failed. He entered into an unspecified business venture with a friend. The lack of a unified vision for the business brought about its demise. The friendship has not failed. Luke Lazarus recovered from that early reverse and by the time he was in his early thirties he had started and sold four businesses.

The Importance of a Good Back Story

McDonald’s franchise founder Ray Croc once explained that he kept the name McDonald’s because “No one would eat a Croc burger.” Luke Lazarus points out that today people gravitate towards businesses with a good back story. When Lazarus’ services are retained by a start-up the first thing he does is develop the company’s story so it can be put before the public. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

The story behind a start-up is utilized by Lazarus to develop the company’s business plan. The company story is also used for presentations to potential investors. Luke Lazarus maintains that like consumers investors are attracted to companies with a relatable back story.

Take Notes to Succeed

If you ask Luke Lazarus how to be more productive in business he will tell you to take notes. Lazarus reports that he always has a notebook on him. He also uses his phone to take photos of something he wants to remember or record reminders to himself.

A Word of Advice From Luke Lazarus

If you are looking for a business idea that will be “the next big thing”, as Luke Lazarus put it he suggests medicine. Specifically develop a way to make the rendering of medical care more efficient by streamlining the ordering of tests, procedures, and medications.

How Luke Lazarus Helps a Start-Up

Luke Lazarus helps a nascent business identify its target demographic. Once a company’s market has been determined Lazarus helps the company develop a strategy to get their product to that market. He shows the client how to manage financial projections and cash flow. Lazarus helps start-ups identify and correct impediments to success.

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