Honey Birdette not Afraid of Criticism

In recent times the Lingerie Brand Belonging to Honey Birdette has received numerous criticisms for advocating for equality in marriage. Honey Birdette acknowledged the report that the brand is polarizing however dismissed criticism from the recent flash mob in support of marriage equality.

A group consisting of 60 employees and models took to the streets of Sydney on Monday to protests in support for equality in marriage. The demonstration took place along Pitt Street Mall to Martin Place where the company workers and models were carrying placards written Make Love not Plebiscite and #freethenipple. The event was broadcasted live via the company’s official Facebook page and received criticism from customers who had divided opinions.
In another instance, some two posters on Honey Birdette lingerie store in Rundle Mall are causing some sorts of controversy. The two posters are showing women in a new range of underwear where one model nipple appears to be visible. The advertisement according to Tracey and her daughter Stacey is offensive especially to those that do have kids. Tracey argues that the advert should be placed on the inside doors where only people accessing the store should be able to see. According to Honey Birdette, the company has not received any formal complaint regarding the two posters. However, it seems a formal complaint has been made by Myer Centre Adelaide Manager Peter Lee. Peter Lee said that they have been in liaison with the retailer’s national office to have the posters removed from display.
In another statement, Adelaide City Councilor Phill Martin said that people should have the freedom to consume what they wish, but there should be limits if the matter appears to be offending in public places.
The poster has received mixed reactions, and in another statement, outspoken Councilor Anne Moran thinks that the poster was just fine and a good advertising tool as it made her look.

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