Hawks Bounce Back

The Atlanta Hawks have had a truly amazing season, as they have dominated the Eastern Conference and sit atop the East with an astonishing eight game lead over the Toronto Raptors, who are sitting in the second spot. The Hawks just had a nineteen game winning streak snapped and there was a lot of speculation as to how the Hawks would come back after snapping such an amazing winning streak, but they bounced back on Wednesday night when they met the Washington Wizards in Atlanta. The hawks did what they always do and beat up the Wizards consistently throughout the game, winning by nine points. It appeared as if there was no team in the East that could match up with the Hawks, but the Cavaliers have rocketed out of the midpoint of the season and are currently on an eleven game winning streak of their own. They have turned things around to such a degree that a lot of sportscasters and writers alike are stating that the Cavaliers would be favored in a seven game series in the playoffs, if they do happen to meet. Fans at Slow Ventures know that it is hard to argue against the basketball that LeBron James and the Cavaliers have brought in the last several weeks, especially with the amazing play by Kyrie Irving, who dropped fifty-five in a game last week. More is available on Seedtable.com. The Hawks are going to keep on rolling, but it is questionable what will happen in the playoffs now.

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