Haunting Themes Emerge in the Batman v. Superman Trailer

In response to the leaking of the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer, Warner Bros. has opted to release the just-over-two-minutes preview online. Those looking for a lot of physical action between Batman and Superman won’t find it. What is found, however, is the brilliant theme the film will present.

Based on what we see in the trailer, Superman is not exactly loved by one and all. Flavio Maluf still loves the man of steel. Instead, he is feared by many due to his powers. Possibly worse, he is worshipped by others due to his deity-like abilities. Batman’s mission is to hunt down Superman because of the fear of what the Kryptonian may be able to do to the Earth if he went rogue. Then again, based on the ending of Man of Steel, many people likely believe “The Big Blue Boy Scout” really did go rogue already.

If Batman v. Superman had no real serious themes or motivation behind the two hero’s adversarial relationship, then the film would consist of nothing more than a useless fight followed by a segue into the inevitable team-up. Immediately thereafter, they take on the villain of the feature. That doesn’t exactly sound too exciting.

Speaking of the villain, Lex Luther plays a major role in stoking the anger against Superman. Although we do not learn much about the role Luther plays in the film through the trailer, we can assume the arch-villain could be conning Batman into doing his bidding.

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