Gulf Coast Western Reviews

Gulf Coast Western is a company that develops oil and gas reserves. They develop reserves in the Gulf Coast Region and have been in business for over 40 years. Matthew Fleeger is the CEO of the company. He attended Southern Methodist University and majored in finance and marketing. Matt worked in different companies in several executive positions to gain experience. In 1993, he founded MedSolutions a company responsible for the disposal and management of wastes. He sold this company eventually and went to work for Gulf Coast Western.

Gulf Coast Western

His father started Gulf Coast Western in 1971 and Matt Fleeger took over in 2007 as president. He acquired another company to expand their assets and client base. At the office, he starts the day by organizing his tasks and works from there. His most productive habits are creating task lists and writing everything down. He tries to organize tasks according to their importance.

Matthew FleegerMatt has found that in troubling times a creative and flexible approach is the best approach and making internal changes in the company. He remembers having to change every aspect of his routine at times to survive economically. This lead to reduced overhead costs for Gulf Coast Western and the ability to focus on growth. The company has expanded using key contacts and corporate partnerships. Currently, they are investing in low-cost acquisitions and projects to help the business grow. Partnerships with larger companies that invest in the projects keep them successful.

Gulf Coast Western plans to increase drilling and expand into new regions and to use new technologies. They manage an investment firm that uses third party investments to fund projects and growth called Oil and Gas General Partnerships. Matt Fleeger says his business continues to grow with honesty, integrity, and creativity and his belief in the product he sells.

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