Gareth Henry Transcend in Alternative Investment

Sometimes character takes you where knowledge cannot maintain you. Well, we know of notable academicians who find it difficult to make it in the real world, not because they lack the knowledge but there are other dynamics such as interacting with people that are inherent. Gareth Henry happens to be one of those professionals who have awesome business acumen and great in communication. He recently, revealed that this has been a plus and helped him navigate his career. Visit

Gareth Henry has successfully been able to establish gainful relations with clients in all the organizations he has worked for. He is very charismatic and seems to be very convincing and persuasive especially when he is pushing something into the market. Henry has found it easy to share out with colleagues, clients, prospects and strangers about the various investment alternatives. He is also outstanding in managing investor relations and raising business capital as well as looking for financial means.

His success cannot just be attributed to his communication skills alone, he also has a complete understanding of the market and the organization where he is working which makes him the suitable part to offer a sound opinion about things. His daily schedule begins with meetings, makes multiple calls to clients and takes time to learn about the new trends. One day he could be in Europe and on assignment the next day be in Asia which just show how sought after and resourceful, Gareth Henry is. He is very devoted to his work and performs all activities with an inherent zeal that pushes him to make the market thrive.

About Gareth Henry

Gareth is an established financial expert. He is the overall Head of Investor Relations for several Investment managers in the United Kingdom and across the United States. He is an alumnus of University of Edinburgh – Heriot Watt, where he studied Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. Mr Henry graduated honorably with first class honors. Gareth Henry has been able to utilize his economic and finance knowledge well to make informed investment decisions. He has offered investment services at Fortress Investment Group and at one time was the Director of Strategic Solutions for Schroders PLC.


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