Executive Consultant Susan McGalla

Advice about how to run a business is vital. Many companies rely on outside sources for help as they operate it from day to day. Hiring an outside consultant can have all kinds of advantages. Such advantages include the ability to look at the company from an outsider’s perspective as well as the ability to spot both the company’s potential weaknesses and their given strengths. In doing so, many company staffers are able to get the kind of help they need from another source and help make sure that the company is fully on the right track at all times.

A person who has been able to help many companies find the kind of help they need to fully make sure they are meeting all potential goals is Susan McGalla. McGalla is a highly skilled executive with an extensive background in the field of business. She has spent many years working in the field of retail marketing. Her work in this area has included all kinds of aspects of retailing such as direct marketing, supervising of employees and the use the various kinds of techniques to help increase the company’s market share and their popularity among their local and national customers.

Susan McGalla grew up in Ohio where she was part of a pleasant family that was devoted to her needs. As a child, she often shopped at many local retailers like many others in the United States. Realizing how much she enjoyed shopping in local malls, she decided to make retailing her planned career in life. She left her Ohio town in order to attend Mount Union College. Here, she was popular with her fellow students as well as her teachers. At college, she majored in business in order to help her prepare for a career in this field and learn as much as possible about how to manage the needs of her future customers.

After her graduation from college, she joined the staff of Joseph Home Company where she was part of the store’s major marketing efforts. Her work in this area was noted and much admired. She later joined American Eagle Outfitters where she was given the task of managing many of the company’s marketing efforts. Her skills at doing so helped her rise to the position of the retailer’s president. During her tenure as president, she was able to help the company expand into new markets and become better at reaching out to their respected customers.

McGalla has since moved forward into her own consulting business. She serves as an independent consultant to many companies across the nation who look to her for leadership as they try to find innovative ways to continue to provide their loyal customers with access to high quality products that can help them improve their lives and have items that are ideal for many of their needs. Her work here is focused on working closely with companies in order to reach out to both old and new customers at the same time.

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