Empiricus Seeks to Help Brazil’s Investors


In Brazil, a company known as Empiricus Research publishes several newsletters focusing on investing. The publishing house has plans to expand its revenue sources and increase its subscriber base. Two partnership entities come together to form Empiricus. The Agora, an American-based enterprise, owns half the company, and the other half is held by Caio Mesquita, Felipe Miranda, and Rodolfo Amstalden. The three individuals are Brazilian entrepreneurs.

Besides the newsletter, it co-owns a website known as O Antagonista. The ownership involves Empiricus owning half the company, with the partners being Diogo Mainardi and Mario Sabino.

As for the newsletters, the company has 350,000 subscribers. The number stands as a highly impressive one since the complete investor total in Brazil is about one million people.

The potential to increase subscriber numbers exists. Empiricus intends to maximize its use of digital marketing tools to improve those numbers. One stumbling the company faces is the previously mentioned one-million investor figure. If there were 3 million investors, then the pool of potential subscribers would be much more significant.

Unfortunately, the numbers aren’t anywhere close to that figure. Many smaller countries with equally smaller populations, such as South Korea, have far larger numbers of investors. Things aren’t that way in Brazil, which creates a stumbling block to Empiricus’ growth. Go Here for more information.

Regardless, Empiricus can still work on its content goals by continually providing valuable information to the investors in the country. Empiricus tries to reach out to potential investors. During Consumer Week, the company employed a tried-and-true strategy. Empiricus offered discounts on subscriptions.

Interestingly, the company’s decision to use digital marketing tools led to an increase in subscribers who suffered from bad investments. Likely, the subscribers sought out information to help improve their investing fortunes.

Empiricus relies on talented analysts for content. Perhaps word of mouth about the content will further move the subscriber numbers. See This Page to learn more.


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