Doe Deere Is Reminding People About How Powerful Makeup Can Be

Makeup has a lot of different meanings for people. But that also fits into one of the most powerful aspects of the product. It’s one of the few things which one can use to dramatically change themselves in an instant. It’s an amazingly transformative experience in a lot of ways. People often feel limited by a lot of factors in their life. Facial features and build for example can feel quite constraining in some ways. But there’s other transformative aspects of makeup which many people don’t realize. The simple act of taking control of one’s appearance can itself be transformative. This can easily be seen in the life of a woman named Doe Deere.

Doe Deere exemplifies the transformative power of makeup. She’s currently a high powered CEO of her own company. But the journey to that point began with a desire to find a certain type of makeup. At the time she was part of a rock band. And life on stage brought all of the joys and tribulations one might expect from performances. Doe Deere was perfectly suited for the rocking life. She had honed her talents within an academic setting by studying fashion for a number of years. Those skills translated perfectly to the performing arts.

Doe Deere found a lot of satisfaction in not only being able to put some amazing ideas into practice, but also having the chance to directly judge people’s reactions. Large groups might be a little intimidating, but they’re a fantastic way to judge public opinion. But there was one aspect of her look which she wasn’t fully satisfied with. The available makeup brands simply weren’t living up to her needs. They either didn’t match the wild look she was trying to create, or they weren’t made with high enough quality to meet the demands of an active life.

A lot of people would have let things stop there. But Doe Deere took a note from the nature of makeup itself. Makeup is all about grasping onto a more mercurial view of oneself. It’s about letting yourself change to meet any demand. And as such Doe Deere decided that she could change to meet the demands of the world. She began the difficult and lengthy process of learning to create her own makeup. This is especially impressive given that she was essentially setting out to compete with a billion dollar industry. But Doe Deere would quickly realize just how far real imagination and inspiration could take someone. And it helped that she was making a product out of love for what it could do.

The makeup she created turned out to be exactly what she hoped. And it was so notable that other women were just as thrilled as Doe Deere herself. Doe Deere eventually realized that the only way that she could share her makeup with everyone who wanted it would be to make a real brand out of it and form a company around that idea. It became known as Lime Crime. And Doe Deere herself became known as one of the big success stories of the cosmetic world.

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