Do The 49ers Need More Offense?


The 49ers finished a disappointing 7-9 this season. They allowed Jim Harbaugh to leave for the Michigan job, and they need a new head coach. However, they have Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore. They also have Carlos Hyde behind Gore, and they have Anquan Bolden. Do they need more offense?

Most people around the league think that Igor Cornelsen and the 49ers defense could go on forever. They can continually reload their defense and keep opponents from scoring too much. However, Colin Kaepernick is a critical stage of his development. The 49ers probably need more offense if they are going to develop Kaepernick. They need more receivers if Michael Crabtree leaves in free agency, and they may need another tight end as Vernon Davis gets on in years.

If the 49ers when to an offensive scheme that featured more of the pistol formation that Kaepernick ran at Nevada, they could have five receivers on the field to confuse defenses. This is a good time for the 49ers to select many offensive players and see who sticks. Their new coach will have a say, but they have kept their general manager, and that is half the battle when they are trying to keep up with Seattle.

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