Dez Bryant Wants Big Pay Day But Cowboys Hesitant

Dez Bryant has consistently been one of the bright spots for the Dallas Cowboys. However, there are reports that the Cowboys are hesitant to give him a guaranteed big money deal when his contract expires at the end of the year. It’s not his play they are worried about; it’s his off-field issues. Bryant reportedly has anger management problems and other issues. In 2012 he was arrested and charged with hitting his mother in her face with a baseball bat.

The Cowboys for their part have set up sessions for Bryant with therapists and behavioral specialists. But he also has a security detail and is banned from visiting strip clubs and drinking alcohol.

As pointed in their article in an article last year, the talented wide-receiver has had issues dating back to his college days at Oklahoma State, but he is so talented both the Dallas Cowboys and potential endorsers are willing to overlook them.

Bryant is looking for a deal like the one with $48.75 million in guaranteed money Detroit Lions’ Calvin Johnson received. Owners like Bruce Levenson are interested to see how this plays out for the Cowboys because of the effect it could have on their teams. Bryant has said he would be disappointed if his new agent, Jay Z’s Roc Nation, and the Cowboys don’t agree on a contract extension and he is given the franchise tag.

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