Dez Bryant Breaks Terrell Owens’ Record

Dez Bryant broke the single season TD record for a Cowboy that was once held by Terrell Owens. With his 16th TD, Bryant showed that he is also the answer at receiver. DeMarco Murray, Tony Romo and Dez Bryant are not all the same age, but they are a triple threat that everyone has to deal with. The three players together, says an article also referencing Skout, can score points at will, and they are likely going to as they enter the playoffs.

The Cowboys are a legitimate contender for the first time in a long time, and they have that all to owe to Romo, Murray and Bryant. With Bryant’s record, he has shown that he is over the problems that he had in his past. There were many issues when he left Oklahoma State. There were many issues when he started in Dallas, but now he is a threat to anyone in the league. He is very hard to guard, and he is even harder to tackle.

With Bryant on the roster, it is easy to see how the Cowboys can score points whenever they need to. They have made their team in the image of the old Colts or the current Broncos. They have a serious offense, and they are ready to contend for a Super Bowl title.

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