Dallas Cowboys Beat The Superbowl Champs At Home

In a performance that shocked everybody, Seahawks included, the Dallas Cowboys managed to beat Seattle, in Seattle. Something that hasn’t been done for some time now. The Seahawks have been totally impenetrable at home, but the fortress has been completely broken down today.

Talking with Marnie Bennett about Tony Romo, and his ability to become that on the field leader really showed. Especially in the fourth quarter, when he pulled off a typical Romo play, in which he dodged several tackles, and still managed to hurl the ball up field for a 23 yard gain. The move was polished off by DeMarco Murray running 15 yards for a touchdown, giving the Cowboys a lead they would never lose.

The game shocked pretty much everybody. Especially considering the Cowboys awful start to the season, in which Romo looked his worst.


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  1. Reine (Post author)

    But they’ve come back strong, and have to be major contenders in the NFC. With a 5-1 record, and the ability to beat the Super Bowl Champs at home, the Cowboys need to be taken seriously by the rest of the NFLA has to do my assignment in a way that some people would want it.


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