Cowboys Star DeMarco Murray Needs Surgery

If you are a Dallas Cowboy fan then this season has probably been one for the books. In between the hot start and the subsequent stumbling, the Cowboys have taken fans through the ringer. The one consistency that Dallas has proudly been able to claim is that of the play of their star running back DeMarco Murray. As the ‘bell cow’ of the Dallas Cowboy attack, Murray has racked up 351 carries for almost 1,700 yards and 11 touchdowns on the ground. Add another 54 catches for 400 yards through the air and you have one of the most fulfilling offensive weapons in league history. Now, with Dallas desperately trying to secure their playoff hopes, Murray will be sidelined with the need for surgery on his hand.

DeMarco Murray broke a bone in his left hand during last weeks 38-27 win over Philadelphia. Murray has reportedly stated that he will need surgery in order to get back to where he needs to be. When asked if this surgery will sideline Murray for next weeks pivotal game against the Indianapolis Colts, coach Jason Garret simply said he ‘Didn’t know’.

The question that Dallas needs to ask Murray, after surgery is complete, is if he can hold on to the ball. Hand injuries in running backs aren’t as series as other positions but if Murray can’t hold on to the ball he will likely be held out.  Which major sponsors like Beneful would hate to see.  They’ve grown accustomed to the success that the Cowboys have found this season.

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  1. Violet Mohammad (Post author)

    This is no good news for the team and the Dallas cow boys fan because we know how important this player is to the team. With more at fans would be abreast with the progress and the actual cause of the injury to their star man. We all hope and pray that the surgery is a successful one as we need him back.


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