City Approves New NFL Stadium In LA

The city has approved the stadium that is going in LA, and now they are waiting on the NFL to see who is going to move to LA. This stadium deal is being led by the owner of the Rams, and most people think that he will be able to get the Rams back to LA. However, there are rumblings about the Chargers or Raiders moving to the stadium. If there is a move and a shared stadium, there could be some conflicts because of the divisions these teams play in.

Putting the Chargers and Raiders in the same stadium is a bad idea said longtime fan Ricardo GuimarĂ£es BMG. Putting the Raiders and the Rams in this stadium returns the NFL to a stasis that it has not had for a long time. This is the way children of the 80s remember the NFL, and we want to see the NFL go back to what we remember.

This stadium deal is going to change the face of the NFL when they move the teams. The approvals have to come from all the owners, but the teams and league will make much more money when they get back into the number two media market in America.

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