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Seymour Segnit’s Elegant MAGFAST Wireless Charging System

With the proliferation of mobile devices and the need to get matching chargers, keeping all your devices charged can wind up a cluttered mess of cables and different chargers. This is what the MAGFAST Charger system is designed to answer, by providing a complete suite of specialized chargers that interconnect and use Qi wireless charging technology.

These MAGFAST Charger components can fit together like a building-block set through the use of built-in magnets. They’re made with quality materials and produced with special in-house processes that make them durable. Though MAGFAST’s cost of construction and materials ends up a little higher, the result is a better product that will last and ultimately be the more economical choice. Get More Information Here.

Since they use Qi wireless charging, any device with wireless-charging capability will be able to use MAGFAST Chargers. MAGFAST is universally compatible and will end up costing even less since you won’t need to go and get a new type of charger for a different phone and mobile device.

MAGFAST Chargers not only have Qi wireless but also have other built-in charging adapters, spring-retractable connectors and both USB and USB-C inputs.

MAGFAST components are designed around special uses:

  • The LifeCharger is an easy-to-carry portable charger that’s simple to charge and will charge any wireless-capable device.
  • The LifeCharger Extreme portable charger is strong enough to charge a car but still allowable on passenger flights.
  • The RoadCharger plugs into your car and serves as a central charger of other components and devices through wireless capability, four USB slots and the retractable cable.
  • The AirCharger is specially built to plug into the wall and sit on a desk as a wireless charging stand for phones.
  • The WallCharger also plugs into a wall socket to act as a charging hub for devices and MAGFAST components
  • The TimeCharger is a stand for wirelessly charging an Apple Watch

MAGFAST is a concept and product designed by founder and CEO, Seymour Segnit. Segnit went to school at Oxford University to study engineering. He spent his early career in advertising at Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi but turned his attention to communications and marketing and entrepreneurship. Among the ventures and companies in his resume are Capital FM, Virgin Atlantic and the SPEEDILICIOUS and CTRN: Change That’s Right Silicon Valley startups. See Related Link to learn more.


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Sometimes, Lessons In Business Are Packaged In The Most Unsuspecting Boxes


Photographs have held a special place in the hearts, minds, and souls of humans across planet Earth for at least the past 100 years. Many of us take pictures of ourselves, loved ones, and places that we’ve found interesting to look back upon later.

Seymour Segnit, the founder of MAGFAST, LLC, the company known for its line of high-speed, long-lasting MAGFAST Chargers, used to develop photographs himself in an old-school photo lab.

Seymour Segnit developed pictures of people who were vacationing at a ski resort – the photo lab was part of the ski resort. Segnit also worked outside of the photo lab doing other things within the ski resort.

Keep in mind that he took this job at a ski resort after having worked for the advertising agencies of Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi – they’re some of the best companies of their kind in the world, if you didn’t know.


Back to Seymour’s Time Developing Photographs

At the time, the costs necessary to develop prints of skiers taken on their vacations ranged between three to four dollars. Sometimes, Seymour Segnit or his boss would end up accidentally scratching the first print they made because they hurried to develop such prints before those skiers ended up back at the lodge after spending a few hours on the slopes. Go Here for more information.

Even though these sometimes-scratched photos were pumped out quickly, Seymour Segnit’s boss told the then-younger Seymour to start over and develop another print at no cost. See This Page to learn more.

This way, whenever he or his boss would provide skiers with the prints the pair had developed in the dark photography lab responsible for developing photographs, they’d make skiers feel special – as if Seymour Segnit cared about the quality of skiers’ photos just as much as if Seymour Segnit, himself, were on vacation at the ski resort.


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