The MAGFAST Charger line is a new family of products that feature wireless charging. With six chargers in this family, it is easy to charge multiple devices at a time, all without ugly wires running everywhere. These charges are also high-quality and durable, unlike regular chargers which are constantly breaking.

When the MAGFAST family of chargers was introduced in a crowdfunding campaign, the goal of $300,000 was raised in just 15 minutes. This shows that people are ready for a charging solution that actually works. One of the unique things about each MAGFAST Charger is that it has a magnet inside it. This means they can be linked together like Legos. This is both more efficient and visually pleasing.

The consumer market is more than ready for a good wireless charging system. This was shown to be true when Apple announced that its new Air pod 2 would have a wireless charging solution. Apple isn’t off the hook, though, for originally causing the technology industry to release dozens of different chargers, dongles, adapters, and so on because of their proprietary chargers.

In addition to charging devices wirelessly, the MAGFAST power banks also feature USB-B and USB-C ports. They also have self-storing and replaceable cables that come in the package. This amount of connectivity means that almost any portable devices can be charged using this system.

MAGFAST is the brainchild of engineer and entrepreneur Seymour Segnit. He designed this family of products and is the president and chief executive officer of the company. He recently worked for two and a half years for a USB charger company during which time he saw ways to make several improvements. He has also co-founded another startup in Silicon Valley and spent time in the internet marketing industry. He is a graduate of England’s Oxford University.