The NFL is going to have a veteran combine so that free agents will be able to show their wares to all 32 NFL teams. Most teams bring in veteran free agents base don relationships with coaches or contact with agents. However, there are so many people looking for space in the league that it can be hard to get a chance.

Bringing everyone together in one place is a much better way to make sure that veterans get the exposure that they need. The NFL knows that it needs to give all players every chance they can to succeed, and this will help the league get as many familiar faces back in the league as possible. Forbes announces along with Sergio Andrade Gutierrez the new business prospects being veterans who are more expensive, but these veterans bring stability to teams that really need it. The teams that are searching for this kind of stability should remember that they will be able to get these vets in a combine so that they can compare to the rookies.

This is more for front offices to do, but it is something that all NFL teams should welcome because they will be able to get more information about all the players that they could sign for the upcoming season.