The news out there is that liberal donors led by George Soros plan to donate over $15 million to the presidential elections campaign cycle. These funds are aimed at funding efforts to mobilize immigrants especially Latino to join the Democratic wing. These campaigns are aimed at those Latinos is areas that are known to be strongholds of Donald J. Trump and other Republicans. The main motive is to get as many votes as possible from the Latino so that the Democrats’ can increase their chances of winning.

According to political analysts and NY , this plan may prove very productive for the Democratic billionaires. This is because the strategy will hold the record for the biggest voter turnout mobilization effort from the Democrats that has ever been aimed at Latino and immigrant voters. This funds mainly target Latinos and immigrant voters in Colorado, Florida and Nevada. It will also target campaign groups in other areas that have a large or are experiencing a growing population of Latino and Asian. Political analysts say that voters from this factions will play a crucial role in the presidential race and also in the Senatorial elections.

This strategy by the Democratic billionaires led by George Soros will be executed by Immigrant Voters Win PAC, a new super PAC that is inclined towards Latino and immigrant voters. This super PAC will also work with other Democrat-inclined PACs to achieve their goals. The main concentration of the campaigns of this super PAC will be at swinging non-Democrat Latino and other immigrant voters to the Democratic camp. George Soros says that this strategy will bear a lot of fruits and is aimed at earning Democrats over 400,000 new voters at the November polls.

George Soros is expected to give a total contribution of around $5 million to the super PAC, Immigrant Voters Win PAC. This will be among the funds George Soros plan to donate on his return the large-scale political funding league. He is already a liberal hero for giving heavy donations towards their campaign course. After this $5 million donation, George Soros will already have contributed over $13 million to the November general election. This will be his largest his largest donation since 2004 when he donated over $20 million towards anti-Bush campaigns. George Soros also has another $5 million donations towards the legal campaigns by Democrats who are against discriminative voting laws in states like Ohio, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, on his way. Visit to know more about George.

George Soros says that the main reason that he came back to the political funding scene this season is to try and give Americans the best leaders the deserve. George Soros is a big supporter of good governance that respects human rights. He has been strongly opposing the bad policies fro the Republican side which seeks to deport illegal immigrants and block Muslim asylum seekers from entering the country. According to George Soros, who himself is Hungarian, these are backdated policies that should not be given room in the current world.

Sourced from:
The New York Times