The Ups And Downs of Marc Beer’s Career

As the current chairman, cofounder and CEO of Renovia, Marc Beer is certainly no stranger to success but this type of prosperity didn’t always come naturally to him. So how has he managed to rise to the top of the corporate ladder? Well, he recently had a chat with Stephen Callahan where he discussed how he made it this far and what his secrets to success are. From an early age, he knew he wanted to be a businessman so it came as no surprise to anyone when he declared business as his major in college at Miami University. Upon receiving his bachelor of science degree in the spring of 1987, he was offered a position at a company called Abbott where he would serve as a member of their sales development team. He eventually accepted the offer. 

After remaining at the company for over half a decade, he was offered the position of corporate officer by Biostar and he would go on to serve in this role for two years. In the fall of 1996, Genzyme made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse and, before he even knew what was happening, he ended up becoming their vice president of global marketing. Finally, in May of 2000, he resolved to become the founder and CEO of Viacell, a company dedicated to finding as many vaccines and cures to diseases as they possibly can. They did this by extracting stem cells from the umbilical cords of mothers and examining their genetic makeup to find any biomarkers they may be able to use. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/marc-beer

Under his leadership, the company proved to be lucrative and even employed as many as 300 workers at one point but, just two years after they went public, he decided to sell it for a huge profit. As he began preparing for his next business venture, his plans were put on hold due to the sudden death of his wife, Jennifer, at the age of 42. He had to step up and become the primary caregiver to his three kids and, while that may have worked for a time, he soon realized with the help of his daughter that he needed to get back to the biotech industry. As such, it wasn’t long before he was launching a new company known as Renovia alongside Dr. Ray Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. As someone who’s invested in it, he has ensured the company’s prosperity. 

Based out of Boston and established in 2016, the company’s sole mission is to develop various medical tools to help patients who are currently battling illnesses. At least one of their products has already been approved by the FDA and they hope to continue this trend.

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Sergey Petrossov’s Mobile App is Changing the World

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov has a passion for what he does. He believes that he was put on this Earth to invent mobile apps. It is very hard to argue with him about that. There is no doubt that he has established himself as one of the brightest minds in the world of app development. He has been tinkering with computers since his teens. His skills have improved quite a bit since then. He is now the man in charge of JetSmarter. This charter jet booking app has been a huge hit since its introduction a few years ago.

It would be safe to call Sergey Petrossov a perfectionist. He will not rest until the app that he is working on performs as well as it possibly can. He will often miss deadlines because he refuses to launch an app that is not up to his very lofty standards. This is one of the reasons that so many investors love to work with Sergey. They know that the apps he invents are going to be very high quality. Because of this, they are going to develop a very loyal following and become extremely popular.

Sergey Petrossov never has any problems getting financing for any of the projects that he works on. This is because his track record is so good when it comes to his projects making money. It is very interesting that he has developed a close relationship with several venture capitalists. He gives these guys the right of first refusal on his apps and other projects. More often than not, these guys want to invest in the things that Sergey is designing and developing. He believes that one of the hardest things for a young app developer is to find people to finance new app ideas. He is happy that he does not have that problem anymore.

Sergey loves being creative. This is one of the main reasons he enjoys inventing apps for mobile phones. He can just let his creative juices flow. He also enjoys the collaborative aspect of the process. Working with other people gives him great pleasure.

The Prerequisites Necessary for a Successful Global Trade According to Maarten de Jeu

In the field of entrepreneurship, very few people possess the muscles to reach the highest echelons of achievement. Attaining the position of a high degree of dignity in business, require a sizeable amount of discipline and calculated risks. Maarten confirms the theory by suggesting the most important strategies to consider before venturing into foreign trade. He has adequate experience in what it takes to have a stable company that supplies the whole world with its services. Most of the companies that relied on his insights in project management are excelling in the business. Maarten is recognized internationally as an icon in the corporate development strategies designer.

The young Maarten spent most of his early education life in the Netherlands where he managed to get a Master’s degree in Social Science. The social relations skills he learned in school help him procure partnership internationally by understanding the cultural customs of other countries. Maarten decided to relocate to the United States to further his business education. In the United States, he joined the Oxford University where he attained the first position in his class by the time he was graduating. He earned a first-class honors degree in Masters of Business Administration. Business knowledge is one of the tools Maarten needed to explore the world of business. Maarten was very lucky to get acquainted with the first-hand experience in international corporate management skills while working with TVDK Management Consultant.

TVDK Management Consultant was the first company to employ Maarten soon after graduation. As a fresher from graduate school, it took some time for him to adjust to the real world expectations in his performance. The company later promoted him to other senior ranks before he shifted back to London. There were opportunities for a skilled graduate like Maarten in London and soon he got a chance to work with an insurance firm called Aviva Plc. His time in Aviva was very productive since Maarten gained skills in international company management. His remarkable performance at the company proved to the board that he was the right candidate for the position of Director of Corporate Development. It was a position that he had the mantle to steer into the direction required by the organization. The potentials in international trade enabled Maarten to consider establishing his company to bridge the gap in global marketing. Maarten started SVM Business Advisory in 2012. Learn more: https://maartendejeu.weebly.com/

Maarten believes that one of the key ingredients he needed to succeed in business was incorporating experts into his company. Experts are essential during decision making since they know all the aspects of a workable procedure in trade. His company is helping projects from all over Europe and the United States to execute high-yielding strategies. Maarten is also encouraging his team to focus on the quality of their services since international trade is quite competitive.

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Sea Marine Enterprise Providing Best Marine Wall Lights

Maritime lighting apparatuses are known for their uniqueness, elegance, and constancy. Adding maritime divider lights to a new good indoor space introduces the particular feeling associated with warmth although as however giving the top lighting needs required. In Sea Marine Enterprise, all of us have a great extraordinary gathering of nautical divider lights that have recently been preserved from exceptional oceanic automobiles. This guarantees the particular size of strategy in addition to material.

Adding person contact to nautical areas

Certainly not like typical divider lights apparatuses, have nautical divider lamps said a great deal regarding one’s character. Presently there will be no better method to be in a position to allow your people understand living space when compared with delivering delightfully planned antique maritime divider lights. Your personal site visitors will discover captivating desire for the underworld plans in these unlikely pieces. You could be using the historical foundation of nautical collectibles each time someone recognizes your current nautical divider apparatuses.

These types of lights provide a credible look to a new nautical space while providing agreeable usefulness. Painstakingly selected bits of nautical divider panel panel lights return one to typically the brilliant times of scallywags and 1st journeys. They will help a person to remember the magnificence of the particular sea. For the people who enjoy ocean voyaging and have got absolutely worked in typically the ocean for awhile, you will reverberate with these types of installations, achieving individual satisfaction every time you observe them shining.

Why maritime divider lights?

Divider illumination has for for ages been used in living and space spaces. In the particular continuing past, nonetheless, all of us possess seen the expanded popularity of these lights even in the dining rooms. In case you are in typically the particular market looking for divider -panel lights, you will move more than different plans plus dimensions. A lot of people who select nautical divider lighting possess individual reasons.

With regard to specific individuals, these installs assist them to remember important recollections of mins or times spent unfactual. Having a credible bit connected with the ship in your home gives all those stunning recollections back again. For the most component, veteran mariners have a great uncommon bond with deliver lights. This will be typically the thing of which makes all of all of them need to stay in contact with these apparatuses as long as they can. On the particular off chance that a great individual are the type of person, putting resources into ocean going divider lights will probably be a good incredible thought.

The particular solid structure highlighted within nautical lights is furthermore a objective for their broadening celebrity. Nautical divider lights are assembled utilizing overwhelming precious metals, for illustration, metal although recently, we have noticed aluminum gentle installations. These nautical points can endure a couple of climate condition. Once you have all of them in your calm, well-secured residence, they are presently there as extended as an individual need every one of them to end up being. The added confine ensures they help keep continuing very long to show their particular worth.

Time in order to put resources into ocean going installations

Within the off possibility that you have got a new waterfront topic home you might want to zest up, take into account acquiring nautical divider lamps. In case you by today have them in your current within space, you could usually add more to help to make that extraordinary, meriting demand. Just about all you should make particular of is that you simply simply are really purchasing from real sea rescue sellers. Only at Sea Marine Enterprise, you can typically believe our group in order to communicate the actual may guarantee anything; less!





James River Capital Founder on How to Secure Funding for a Startup

As the founder of James River Capital, Paul Saunders helps new businesses raise money. He founded the company in 1995 and therefore is an entrepreneur himself. It is never easy for an entrepreneur to get others to believe in his or her idea, but Saunders has some simple strategies for raising capital.


One piece of advice that Saunders has for new entrepreneurs is to use personal savings and other resources. This approach is called bootstrapping and includes borrowing money from your family and friends and using credit cards. Obviously, this is not without its risks, but you cannot expect investors to part with their hard-earned money if you and your family members do not believe in your idea enough to invest in it.


In those cases where bootstrapping is insufficient or not viable, crowdfunding is an increasingly popular option. This approach requires a substantial social media presence but can be appealing to those entrepreneurs who have the time and know-how to build that online following, especially since the money generally does not need to be paid back. There have been some wildly successful startups that used crowdfunding for funding, such as Oculus, which was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion.


Applying for a loan is another obvious choice. Although most people have heard of bank loans and SBA loans, there is also local funding available, which might be a better option for entrepreneurs with limited credit. In addition, Paul Saunders suggests trying to secure funding from an angel investor or venture capital investor if you have a very detailed business plan.


Paul Saunders holds a BA from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Before founding James River Capital, he worked in corporate finance at Warburg Paribas Becker and as a commodities specialist at AG Becker. He then moved to Kidder, Peabody, and Co., where he eventually became president of their alternative investment division, KP Futures Management Corp. In 1995, he purchased the company and re-established it as James River Capital. In addition, he and his wife Vicki head up the Saunders Family Foundation in order to manage their philanthropic efforts. Learn more: https://twitter.com/jamesriver_cc

Ship Searchlights

Marine searchlights are not the same as the common mechanical lights accessible in neighborhood stores. These lights have been intended to withstand brutal climate conditions and give surrounding lighting needs important to route of boats. Each ship has a functioning affordable life. At the point when the boats have depleted their valuable lifetime, they can be offered to ship breaking organizations from where they are destroyed and significant things recovered from them. On the off chance that the ship searchlights are still in extraordinary condition, they will frame some portion of the things recuperated from the ship.

Over the most recent few decades, we have seen an ascent sought after of rescue nautical things. Basically, individuals see an incentive past the ocean life of these things. Today, many recovered ship searchlights end up in homes, cafes and different zones.

Ideal for open air lighting

With regards to structuring and building ship searchlights, so much innovation and skill go in. What results is a unique apparatus with more splendid light. Keep in mind, the lights are initially worked to guarantee more prominent inconceivability in the huge oceans around evening time. The more brilliant enlightenment ensured by these searchlights make them perfect for open air use. They give the ideal feel and splendor any property holder would acknowledge in his open air garden.

Prominently, these lights are additionally ideal for outside lighting attributable to their life span. When planning unique ship searchlights, makers had as a main priority the common climate conditions in oceans. All things considered, the lights can withstand the brutal tempests outside and still capacity appropriately.

Wonderful plans

With regards to beach front themed lighting, individuals have different tastes and inclinations. Be that as it may, we about everybody concurs that nautical searchlights show a one of a kind plan. There is a critical contrast among them and different lights found in departmental stores. The least to state; the lights are worked with an eye-getting plan.

The fine completion, preservationist adornments and stunning fitting of these lights make them practically overpowering. For the individuals who have spent a lot of their life in the oceans, nothing more brings the memory of those lovely occasions than legitimate metal ship searchlights. At the point when utilized as a major aspect of nautical room lighting, they include a feeling of uniqueness not apparent in many lights.

Sumptuous intrigue and seaside interest

On the off chance that you have a couple of nautical searchlights in your home, your guests have clearly conceded the characteristic feeling of style and class they show. The vast majority choosing recovered ship searchlights do as such due to their sumptuous intrigue. At the point when orchestrated in your home, these important ocean farers can give your home a reclassified look. Purchasing these quality ship lights is a certain method for increasing the value of your home.

Various structures to browse

While dispatch searchlights may show up the equivalent, no two ship lights are actually similar to the next. At Sea Marine Enterprise, we stock various lights, each with its novel structure and feeling of allure. Contingent upon what accommodates your taste, you can view and pick deliver searchlights from our site. For shockingly better accumulations, normally visit our site as we revive the pages to mirror the most recent acquisitions.

How Sergey Petrossov is Redefining Air Travel With JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

Did you know that it is possible to schedule your flights, especially jet flights, without using an agency? JetSmarter is a revolutionary project, which, according to tech pundits, has created a brilliant disruption in the world of air traveling. The success of this project is a reality due to its approach to efficiency and more importantly, due to Sergey Petrossov input. According to the creator of this platform, the future of traveling is tech-centered, and people should expect similar inventions. In addition to revolutionizing how people view air transportation, the following are some of the other projects by Petrossov.

Before JetSmarter, the investor was part of different markets, which, according to him, changed his thinking on different realities. Sergey Petrossov was part of the company that changed how people view education, primarily through incorporating technology. In this niche, Petrossov mastered the art of understanding a market before putting resources in an idea. The executive also mastered the art of creating a product that is not only sustainable but also not defined by time. Petrossov understands the importance of technology in each industry and investing in this new market is one of the best decision any investor can make in this age.

In a major investment such as a JetSmarter, partnering with the right investors and hiring the right developers and customer assistants is vital. Petrossov understands the importance of developers that not only understands the investor’s concept but also willing to contribute to an idea and therefore making it brilliant. Sergey Petrossov is fortunate to have one of the best teams in this industry, and in his several interviews in the past year, he has mentioned that he has one of the best teams in the world of technology. In order to have an impact in the tech business, the business executive believes that giving each employee a chance to rediscover themselves is critical.

Lastly, Petrossov understands the importance of continually reinvesting in a company and this policy is responsible for the growth of his company. In addition to reinvesting in his company, Petrossov believes in client-centered companies.

Smita Shah Shares Her Views On How Women Can Prosper In Business

Smita Shah is the president of Spaan Technology Inc. She was born and raised in Willowbrook, Illinois which is just outside of Chicago. She is a self-proclaimed math geek who used to enjoy taking word problems and turning them into algebraic equations when she was in grade school.

Instead of doing things like track & field she instead engaged in “math relays” when in high school. This meant figuring out long mathematical equations that she handed off to students at the University of Chicago Laboratory School. She helped the students at this school win multiple statewide math competitions.

Smita Shah attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, earning a bachelor’s degree in environmental and civil engineering. It wasn’t long after that she founded Spaan Technology. This is a technology and project management company that is headquartered in Chicago. 

She has developed into one of the most accomplished female entrepreneurs and engineers in the world. She encourages other women to build careers in careers that have in the past been dominated by men. Smita Shah is involved in public policy that is designed to encourage women to become entrepreneurs in traditionally male-dominated industries.

She says that the main thing holding women back in the workplace is poor self-image. There aren’t very many female role models which have meant that women don’t know that they can be very powerful and successful. She says that it takes a self-image shift for women to excel and beat the world of business under their own power.

To back up her point, Smita Shah says that there are more than 100 million companies in the world that are owned by women. There are many more companies that are owned by men but this number shows that women can become entrepreneurs. She says that talent doesn’t have anything to do with gender. She has offered some tips to help women excel.

She says that women need to believe in themselves and have a positive self-image. Smita Shah also says that girls are usually taught to develop their passive and soft traits. Being a business leader, though, requires active and strong traits. Smita Shah has said that to be successful means you sometimes need to “get dirty” and be more assertive. Learn more: https://cee.mit.edu/tag/smita-shah/

Smita Shaw also says that the first impression is everything. If you don’t present yourself well right off the bat it is almost impossible to recover from that moment. She advises women that proper business attire is mellow and neutral rather than something that flaunts a woman’s charms.

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Maarten De Jeu Has Tips For Companies Wanting To Go Global

If your business is going well in the United States, you may be considering taking it internationally. While the concept may seem somewhat simple, an expert on the subject Maarten de Jeu knows that it can get complicated very quickly and leave people wondering if they made the right decision. You can’t just move the business model that you are using in the United States in a different country. You need to make sure that it is adapted to the culture and regulations that are part of the country you are considering growing too.


While there may be a demand in the United States, the demand may not be as high in a different country. Maarten de Jeu points out you will have to compete with any domestic brands that are available and show potential customers why your imported product is a better deal than what was available prior. It’s important to figure out what your competition is and if it’s worth fighting them to dominate the market in that particular country. Learn more: http://www.chicagosplash.com/galleries/102118-msi-columbian-ball/liz-and-kent-dauten-smita-shah-maarten-de-jeu_john-wheeler-museum-of-science-and-industry-chicago


Expanding internationally is an expensive process that should never be taken lightly. Maarten de Jeu points out that you should make sure that your domestic business will not be hurt if the international part of it ends up doing under. If you don’t have the money yourself, you may want to consider trying to attract the attention of investors to raise the venture capital that you need through a strong business plan and presentation to potential investors

Maarten de Jeu is a strategic business advisor that launched his business SVM Business Advisory back in 2012. In college, he graduated first in his class at the University of Oxford where he earned his MBA. He has the ability to speak multiple languages which is a highly sought after trait when it comes to doing business on an international level. Over the years, Maarten de Jeu has built a network of professionals from all across the globe and these connections have been quite valuable in his international business career. Along with helping with international expansion, he also is involved with commercial real estate and financial services.


The people and companies that go to Maarten de Jeu for his advice are some of the biggest companies and individuals on a global level and they all trust him with his experience and knowledge. He enjoys being able to spend time with his family that he loves or playing tennis when he isn’t busy working or participating in different boards and organizations in his community of Chicago. Some of the organizations that Maarten de Jeu supports include the Environmental Law and Policy Center, the Museum of Science and Industry, and many others in the greater Chicago area.

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Marc Beer Is The Newest Board Chairman Of LumeNXT

With his experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, Marc Beer is one of the best professionals in both fields. Sporting a brilliant track in his 25 years of being in the professional scene, Beer is one of the most successful and most recognized names in the industry. Earlier this year, he once again received another recognition when LumeNXT, a company that manufactures surgical illumination tools, named him as the newest Board Chairman of the company.


Marc Beer reacted to this and revealed that he is proud that he has been trusted to the position. This also excites him because he will have a chance to join and work with accomplished surgeons and engineers who developed the products of LumeNXT. In addition to this, he believes that the company will play an important role in the future, especially that the minimally invasive methods are becoming more and more popular to surgeons and medical practitioners. As this method takes over the world of medicine, Beer believes that LumeNXT will be able to aid medical professionals and give a better result.


LumeNXT is known for its illumination products which utilize proprietary technology to enhance the visualization of the operation. This enhances precision and flexibility in the operation, which is important to minimize any risk of failure. What makes the products of LumeNXT special is that it creates bright light that delivers enhanced visibility generating a lot of heat which instead makes the operation more difficult. In addition, the products of the company are targeted to be a low-cost and disposable option without compromising the quality of the output.


The Co-Founder of LumeNXT, Paul Rhyme, expressed his trust to Marc Beer, who has been veteran in the field. Rhyme knows that Beer has been handling pharmaceutical startups ever since the start of his career and is known for making the companies he handle successful and profitable. Rhyme also believes that through Beer’s help, LumeNXT will be able to achieve more growth and commercial success to its future rollout. Beer created a lot of companies in the past which he was able to grow and sell for profitable prices.


Right now, Marc Beer is also one of the key executives of Renovia, a company dedicated to creating products that aim to diagnose and treat Pelvic Floor Disorders for women. It is currently developing four products for the purpose of diagnosis and therapy and uses revolutionary technology. Beer co-founded Renovia in 2016 and serves as the chief executive officer and was able to raise a $42 million fund for Renovia’s product development. Among the other companies that he founded is Minerva Neurosciences Inc., which aims to develop treatments for central nervous system diseases. Beer graduated from Miami University  Learn more: https://gazetteday.com/2018/10/marc-beer-funding-renovia/