Grupo RBS is a massive media business that hails from South America’s Brazil. It’s been in operations since approximately the middle of the fifties. Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho is the man who established it back in the late summer of 1957. It has the distinction of being among Brazil’s biggest communication organizations at this moment in time.

It’s associated with an entity that’s referred to as Rede Globo. Rede Globo, in brief, is a network on television. Grupo RBS is in charge of more than 10 television stations that offer broadcasts. These stations are connected to the aforementioned Rede Globo. It’s at the helm of more than 20 stations that function on the radio, too.

They now has a digital division right now called e.Bricks Digital. This business consists of a handful of technology sectors. These sectors have a lot to do with mobile matters, digital media and even technological advancements of all sorts. Grupo RBS’ primary office is in Brazil. It accommodates a substantial number of individuals in both Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer functions as the Chairman of the sizable company presently.

The individuals who represent Grupo RBS always have a lot on their plates. They’re consummate professionals who are well-versed in are all sorts of vital arenas. They know a lot about the development of digital products of all kinds. They know a lot about music and even the publishing of novels. Logistics matters are another category that’s covered by the team at Grupo RBS frequently. Read This Article for more information.

Education is yet another topic that’s a major deal to the people who work for Grupo RBS. This business is consistently working on a schooling effort that can help push educational matters to the forefront in society. Grupo RBS is a business that’s constantly in tune with all of the people who make up its expansive target audience. It’s a business that regularly goes above and beyond to give the people in its target audience all kinds of adjustments that may be favorable for their existences. Grupo RBS has the cooperation of thousands of team members.


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