Financial guru Harry Harrison’s life now is dramatically different than it was in 2017. As a long time employee at Barclays Bank in London, he was enmeshed in the high powered world of trading and investing. From 2014 to 2017 he was in charge of Barclays Non-Core Division, a high profile position where he was responsible for selling off unwanted investments.

Despite Harry Harrison’s success in the financial sector, he is ecstatic in his new role as a stay at home parent to his children. This significant lifestyle change has not only given him a chance to spend time with his family, but also to try new hobbies such as French, yoga, and golf.

Although he is enjoying domestic bliss, Harry hasn’t given up his financial career entirely. In fact, he’s more involved than ever when it comes to mentoring entrepreneurs – including his wife. Harry’s extensive knowledge of economics and financial markets draw his peers to him, and he’s excited to share his expertise as a consultant.

His accomplishments and longevity in the world of high finance are due in part to his understanding of how people work together. It’s the attributes of collaboration, diversity, and humility that creates a symbiotic work environment where everyone works towards the same goal.

Harry Harrison is an avid technology user and enjoys using GPS software such as Waze to cut down on travel time. He values the emergent technologies that have made way for small, cutting-edge financial support products. Technology is a prime way to prioritize tasks and be more productive.

There’s a softer, more inquisitive side to Harry too, one that is far different than the world of technology and money. Now a yoga enthusiast, he recommends it to anyone as a way to heal physically and spiritually.

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