Slyce: Take a Photo and Shop

The progression technology is notable in the world today. The growth of smartphones is remarkable especially today. The smartphones equipped with cameras, on which most of the people today take photos of the items they desire, and maybe plan to buy. Slyce application took advantage of the market gap and provides consumers with the opportunity to search their desired products online and compare the prices set for the products.

Slyce is a Toronto-based product that provides a podium that allows the users to take merely a picture of their favorite product, search and purchase the items. Slyce exists as an independent consumer mobile application as well as a white label solution that integrates into existing retailer technology. Slyce identified a market opportunity that presented itself through the growth of M-commerce, as mobile shopping registered a whopping 39% of all online traffic. The application uses an advanced product recognition technology, which overcomes the limitation that faced the prior applications such as Amazon Flow.

Similar to Slyce, Amazon Flow also allowed its users to take a photo of their desired products and purchase them from the Amazon’s mobile platform. However, Amazon Flow faced some limitations since it required the products to be in its original package to be effective because it relied on OCR, logo identification, and visual shorthand cues. The introduction of Slyce in the market was a game changer since it can identify the products while outside of the package regardless the location of the product. The ability of Slyce to locate the products despite the condition of the package gives the application a cutting edge over its competitors resulting in its exponential increase in the market.

The Slyce management has employed various strategies to increase the application’s popularity. The Slyce marketing strategy is primarily based on creating partnerships and relationships with the forefront consumer brands. Additionally, Slyce aim at providing their technology as a flexible white-labeled m-commerce solution. Furthermore, Slyce is purchasing applications such as Pounce and SnipSnap hence expanding their user-base.

Slyce creates an all-in-one and spontaneous way for consumers to discover and buy the products that are in their wish-list, by just taking a photo hence making shopping easier at the customer’s pleasure. Additionally, the Slyce technology enables retailers to be there at the moment of their customer is need of their product. Therefore, with Slyce Shopping is as simple as taking a photograph.

Revolutionizing Online Shopping With Slyce

Online shopping has become the norm for most individuals today and at the current rate of growth online shopping will be the norm for everyone. Why is that? Instead of going through the hassle of having to go to a store and make purchases, people can now simply pick the items they wish to buy right at the comfort of their own home computer. And, there isn’t even a need to lug all the purchases home either, since most online shopping solutions provide door-to-door delivery services.

But if you thought online shopping was the zenith of shopping innovations, you’d be dead wrong.

Enter Slyce – a revolutionary new way to experience shopping. Slyce is an innovative new shopping solution which employs image and product recognition paired with its own unique search engine system to enable one to pinpoint with utmost accuracy, any product that is queried. This image recognition system employs one of the most common features of all handheld Smartphones – its camera.

This quick, efficient, and smart method of online shopping guarantees exact searches with every click, thanks in part to Slyce’s access to a wide database of products and images accessed through online connectivity. Think of it like Google image search, without the need to upload a specific image from a memory card or hard-drive.

Slyce image recognition employs three distinct methods of product research and recovery – one, the product’s barcode or QR code is obtained, then the data is run through and the exact match is found. Two, a photograph is run through an online search and a 1:1 match that corresponds to your images’ metadata is given back along with the descriptions.

And three, a picture is run through various servers for possible matches as per different attributes, resulting in matches that are close to, if not perfectly matched to your query. The way humanity shops online is now revolutionized with Slyce. To learn more about Slyce shopping, visit their website at:

Take a Slyce out of Amazon

Slyce Inc is a Visual Search and image recognition software company was which was founded by Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot in 2012. The visual Search and recognition software centers around the user being able to take a picture of an item on their Smartphone that they want to purchase. The software will identify the item in the picture and then bring them to a partnered website where they can purchase it. It is an incredible piece of software, which is garnering a lot of attention; Slyce has so far raised around $10.75 million in funding.

Slyce is in direct competition with Amazon Flow, a similar service that will be available exclusively on Amazons website, while Slyce aims to be used by every other retailer on the planet. Slyce however does have some competitive advantages over the Amazon App, first and foremost it will have a larger retailer platform to find the products you want. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, Amazon Flow more often that not requires that the product be in its original packaging to find it correctly. Slyce does not have this limitation; according to Chief Digital Officer Mark Elfenbein the App will be able to identify items that are outside of their original packaging wherever they are.

Amazon is claiming that most shoppers will use the Flow App when in a physical store location in order to find a potentially better price online, so most pictures will be taken while in the packaging. However Slyce wants to take this one step further and allow consumers to take a picture wherever they are, for instance seeing a handbag you like and having the ability to take a picture of it to find where it is for sale.

Slyce is also attempting to enter the gift registry market, by allowing users to take pictures of items to add to gift registries. Slyce’s technology will rely heavily on machine recognition, however in instances where the item cannot be matched they will have an employee apply the finishing touches.

The organization has already received significant backing financially but plans to take this in further in the next few months. Slyce has been acquiring companies at a rapid pace in order to gain competitive advantage, which in this day and age is a smart investment. Technological developments move at a blistering pace and it is important for companies to have that edge.