The modeling industry has been around for decades and decades. It has produced many talented individuals such as Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford and Tyson Beckford. The industry also rakes in large amounts of cash on a per annual basis. Did you know that many of the most famous models didn’t come from large cities? That’s right! Most of the talent that represents these agencies are from smaller cities and towns across the globe. Have you ever heard of Brown Agency? If you’re not into this field of work, or you don’t reside near Texas then you probably haven’t heard. Brown Agency is one of the hottest up and coming modeling agencies in the nation. Formally known as Wilhelmina, this agency has revamped its style for the 21st century. This agency is more than just your average agency. It’s actually a combination of models and talented individuals. This mixed blessing has provided great results as these individuals are supplied with copious amounts of work on a regular basis.



Brown Agency is the leader in a new wave of contemporary modeling, and it’s leading by example. Some of the biggest and most high profile brands come exclusively to this company in search of talent. Brands such as:


  • Louis Vuitton
  • Dell
  • TNT Network
  • HBO
  • Bright House Network
  • Dodge
  • Toyota
  • And many more


This only scratches the surface of prominent names. There is a lot of work that goes into each model that you don’t get to see. According to, the agency does a wonderful job of prepping the models before ever going to castings. This ensures that all high standards are maintained. Brown Agency provides talent for voiceover, television, film, catalogue, runway, industrial video, corporate events, trade shows and commercials. Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week have all benefited from this exclusive talent pool. This is the future of the business and Brown Agency has laid out a blueprint of success.