The modern Super Bowl has continued to include top line performances during the half time shows. What use to be a 20 minute break for snacks, bathroom runs or channel surfing has now become must watch television. The NFL learned quickly that if they lost viewers during the halftime segments, those viewers remained loss for the entire second half of the game (Super Bowl Sets Viewing Records).

The current price for a thirty second commercial spot for the Super Bowl is $5,000,000.00. Jon Urbana and other marketers needed an incentive to purchase spots in the second half of the game. This was particularly difficult if the game was a blow out in the first half.

The NFL did two things. First it encouraged innovative and eye catching commercials to keep the viewers interest. More importantly they headlined half time shows that have included names such as Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Prince, Beyonce’, Paul McCarthy and Madonna. This year, the headline show was the band Cold Play, Beyonce’ and Bruno Mars.

This creative innovation has added more viewers who have never watch football during the course of the year. The NFL has succeeded in making the Super Bowl a family oriented event and the ratings and viewership has proven this to be true. Close to a billion viewers world wide watch the Super Bowl. Even if the game is a dud the event has still become something that many in the world will watch for the entertainment value alone.