Lynch Final Day

Marshawn Lynch has clearly had enough of the media shoving cameras and microphones down his throat, as he gave his final appearance to the media before the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday. Lynch has become notorious for not wanting to give any statements during interviews to the media and has pretty much made a mockery of it on a weekly basis, as he will come up with a term and simply repeat it every single time he is asked a question, regardless of what that question is. It is starting to get kind of ridiculous, because Marshawn clearly is not going to break and it would be pretty disgusting if he happened to break anyway. Fans like Paul Mathieson agree that the guy needs to be left alone, as he simply doesn’t want to talk to the media and have some stories spun about him. It has become obvious that he simply does not trust the media, as they attempt to make stories out of things he says and he would rather just play the game of football. He actually talked for several minutes on the final day with the media this week and just stated that he doesn’t understand why they keep coming back day after day when it is blatantly clear that he is not going to answer any questions. He says he understands that they want to ask him things and he is cool with that, but he doesn’t understand why they keep coming back when it’s clear he will not give them anything.

NFL Shows Its Double Standard

The NFL is willing to fine Marshawn Lynch up to $100,000 for not talking to the media, but they may not do anything to the Patriots over deflate gate. The stunning double standard is not only obvious but it is sad.

The NFL has turned into a caricature of itself. The NFL is turning into a product that is almost not worth watching. The games are being marred by bad officiating and even worse rules. The league fines everyone for doing anything, but they turn a blind eye when a team cheats twice in ten years.

The league is willing to ruin one player’s career over something that he settled in a court of law. The league is also willing to lie about what it knew when it adjudicated another case involving a player who has had his day in court. Both of those players might not play again because of the incompetence of the NFL.

Roger Goodell is turning in the worst commissioner in sports. It is as if he was sent by another league to ruin the NFL so that the unnamed league would be able to step in and take supremacy away from football. It is shocking to fans like Zeca Oliveira, sad, and signals the end of an era.