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Academy of Art University: Where Creative Dreams Come True

Academy of Art University, located in San Francisco, California, is a well known and accredited private University.

It offers intriguing fields of studies: fashion,jewelry and metal ,landscape architecture, acting,photography,graphic design, motion picture,advertising,game development,television,and animation.

The personal decision one makes, in choosing where to experience their higher education and skills training is highly important.

Recently,the Academy of Art University has produced an enlightening segment for curious and prospective students. It is called, “Day in the Life.”

You can follow along with students who attend classes or study flexible online courses at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

One of the best ways to learn and discover answers to pondering questions is observe others living it– day by day coverage. It’s interesting to see the student’s struggles and victories,as they reach towards their goals and aspirations. First hand, the “Day in a Life” students explain their plans and strategies. For instance, television student, Sam Bear, is videotaped and appears on Utube. He attends Academy of Art, and is expressive about his personal decisions, activities, and feelings, during his life at Academy of Art. He felt that Academy of Art was a “Community ” and a place he felt “comfortable fitting in.”

Being an Art major may be an intimidating choice. Bear comments that his “professors helped find viable career options.” Bear also states that “the courses are challenging.”

Some of the inviting and named features found at Academy of Art were state-of-the-art production equipment, numerous libraries, comfortable lounges and restaurants,and collaborating student sessions—to bring out the best and unique ideas from all students.

Finally, the ultimate gem of being a student at AAU, according to Sam Bear, are the “friendships” formed. He likes knowing he has been challenged in his field and has formed colleagues to collaborate with in the future.

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Sharon Prince Providing A Safe Haven For Children


Sharon Prince is a model American citizen who believes strongly in doing the right thing in society. She is very God fearing and is led by God in everything that she does. Sharon Prince is extremely well-educated and she has used her education for the purposes of bettering America and the world. Get Related Information Here.

Sharon Prince has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. She obtained both degrees from the University of Tulsa. Sharon Prince founded an organization called Sharon Prince Grace Farms foundation in 2009. She is currently the president of the foundation and the goal of the foundation is to improve people’s lives by having them to engage in nature, justice, community, and faith. The physical facility of Grace Farms is located and based in Connecticut. Sharon Prince Grace Farms is state-of-the-art and cost around 120 million dollars to build.

The facility Grace Farms currently sits on 80 acres of land with a beautiful view of nature. The reason why she chose this location to build Sharon Prince Grace Farms was because she had a vision that it would inspire thought, garner preservation, increase communication, and foster education and understanding. The facility is currently open seven days a week to the general public.

Grace Farms gives visitors, which are usually children, the opportunity to participate in on-site programs, hear guest speakers, see different types of art, interact with people of different backgrounds, and get close to nature. Grace Farms is unique because it offers some of its activities depending on the season. In the summer the facility offers activities such as catch and release fishing and exploring the many nature trails.

In the winter season a one mile walking trail is open to the public so they can enjoy all the snow-capped trees and different wildlife that you can only experience during the winter months. Sharon Prince had one specific goal in mind when she purchased the 80 acres to build Grace Farms on. The three main goals were to enrich the habitat, restore the land, and create a nurturing environment that fosters indigenous wildlife.


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