Marketing is often regarded as one of the most critical assets of a company, as it is the connection between the product, the producer, and the customer base. A good marketing sector allows for a stable relationship and bond between the three parts and a competent marketing professional always makes sure that the reputation of the corporation is intact.


The biggest and, some may argue, the most relevant marketing, is done through the online world, the internet. Online marketing is the art of using all of the available resources to spread the word about your product and what you can offer that is unique and that suits a particular need for your client base. The art of real marketing is showing customers the item that they didn’t know they needed or wanted, and convincing them to buy it.


Because of the importance of this field, many believe that personal recommendations are some of the most effective tools for propaganda and for spreading the word. With one happy customer, that could turn into ten different clients in a matter of weeks. That is the main reason why it is so important to have a strong reputation online.


Sentient AI is a tool that many companies around the world are using to boost their online presence. It is one of the best e-commerce engines for online stores, and it has a brilliant AI that recommends relevant products to customers who visit your online store. It is faster, smarter and more practical than relying on your staff to make these recommendations and organize that side of your shop.


Because of how the Sentient AI was programmed, it does not matter who clogged and filled your online store is, or how many products are available to your customers. Because it has been designed to search for relevant similarities between the products that interest your clients and others in the store, it searches for the right items to recommend in an instant. This system is boosting the opportunity for your online store to sell more after a successful purchase by a significant margin, and it is a method that is used by the most prominent stores in the world, like Amazon and Groupon.


Sentient AI is an e-commerce recommendation engine that was specifically created to serve as a modern and practical tool that provides recommendation of other products to clients that visit your store based on what they are purchasing or intend to buy.