The realization of the true meaning of life is one of the best moments for a human being. For most people, however, it remains elusive. For the few lucky ones, it comes much later in life when the best of the days have been spent living someone else’s life and there is nothing much to be done except spend the few remaining sunset years in constant regret and despair.

Undiscovered by many, Kabbalah Centre teachings had been helping people find fulfillment in their lives for hundreds of thousands of years. Since the early Rabbis believed that the teachings were too complex to be understood by young people, they were restricted to only very dedicated students—above 40 years of age. In reality, this robbed the youth and many women the chance to lead a better life and find both fulfillment long-lasting religion happiness.

Breaking Traditions

Thanks to Philip Berg and his wife, the old traditions were discarded by the founding of Kabbalah Centre International. The organization has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California but has centers in cities all over the world as well as study groups and an online platform through which Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar courses are imparted. The selfless effort by the directors has succeeded in turning around the lives of millions of people who would still not have found the true meaning of their existence.

Unbound Spirituality

Unlike most of the world’s religion, the Kabbalah Center does not seek to oppose the teachings of other religions. Instead, it is a supplement the religions. Based on universal principles, Kabbalah welcomes people who profess to any of the world’s faiths without paying any special attention to ethnicity or nationality. In addition, it doesn’t attempt to compel its students to behave or think in a certain laid-out way. All it does is imparting teachings that if applied in real life will result to complete fulfillment through better connection with the Light.

Bottom Line

Without doubt, the Kabbalah Center is the best news for a desperate human race that more often than not, doesn’t know the true purpose of his or her creation. No wonder it has attracted a long line of celebrities as its followers, including Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Alex Rodriguez and Elizabeth Taylor to learn more: click here.