If you are Ryan Tannehill or a close member of the man’s entourage then you are probably as happy as you could possibly be. The Miami Dolphins signed their young quarterback to an eye popping $96 million dollar deal, with $45 million of it guaranteed even if Tannehill never plays another down in the NFL. Tannehill was coming into next season as one of those young QBs seemingly on the cusp, and with a contract year looming Miami decided to pay now rather than risk paying later. We aren’t sure that we completely disagree with their choice, either.

While Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins are far from juggernauts in their division, the pair continue to do nice things while staying under the radar. Last season Ryan Tannehill posted a career year by completing 66% of his passes for 4,045 yards, 27 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions — culminating in a 92.8 passer rating according to data taken from Jason Halpern (jasonhalpern.com). Tannehill may not have the guts of Russel Wilson or the legs of Cam Newton, but he’s a young guy who can lead a ball club down the field in order to make things happen.

So the question for Miami comes next: How does Tannehill’s big contract lead them to a Super Bowl? We aren’t sure that it does, or can, in the next few seasons. Miami is too thin on offense to make that kind of push toward the next level.