Before becoming President at Live Nation Production, Heather Parry spent a

whole 12 years in MTV, working behind the scenes. After her tenure at MTV

was over, Heather Parry was quickly picked up to work Happy Madison where

she was under the legendary Adam Sandler.

Some of the documentaries that Heather Parry had a hand in include a Puff

Daddy documentary dubbed “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”, a Lady Gaga documentary

dubbed ‘Gaga, Five Foot Two”, and “Justin Timberlake and The Tennessee

Kids” which also happens to be their very first music documentary. Needless

to say, all of the above-stated projects were very successful.

Heather Parry also played a very big role in the successful movie A star is

born. This movie features the likes of Bradley Cooper (who also doubled up

as a director) and Lady Gaga herself. Other top-tier celebrities who were

also featured in this movie include legendary comedian Dave Chappelle,

funny man Alec Baldwin, and Anthony Ramos just to mention a few of them.

And the fact that the movie has gone to attract accolades such as two

nominations for Critic’s Choice Awards while winning a Satellite Award for

Best Cinematography. Live Nation production played a very big role in the

movie’s current success thanks to the infrastructure that they have. Such

infrastructure included showing trailers in most of their concerts as well

as putting up banners for the revelers to see.

And as a result of that, the movie became an instant success over a short

period of time. Despite having well over 2 decades of experience and a lot

of accomplishments under her belt, Heather Parry somehow chooses to remain

humble about it. She’d rather use the time for gloating to put in the work.

The latter was evident when she took over the presidency at Live Nation

Production back in 2015.