Betsy DeVos and School Traction

The planet hasn’t seen many people who are anything like Mrs. Betsy DeVos. She’s genuinely a person who has a temperament that’s hard to come across. Rare things typically are positive ones. No one can dispute that DeVos is a positive force in the United States and elsewhere. She’s not a human being who is a symbol of greed. She’s not one who is a symbol of sloth, either. She’s the polar opposite of both of those ideas. DeVos reveled in an American upbringing that was highly beneficial to her. She had a father who realized the immense value of working hard in society. He was a major industrialist who had a strong track record in his field. DeVos was fortunate enough to be able to emulate her dad and all of his daily actions. She is a person who genuinely grasps the strength of working hard day in and day out. She doesn’t waste any time behaving in a sluggish or lazy manner.


Betsy DeVos has a marital union that’s rock-solid in place. It’s a source of great pride for her as well. Her husband is the famed Richard or Dick DeVos. This man is someone who has a strong track record in the United States. People know a lot about him in the Midwestern part of the country. They know a lot about him in other parts of it, too. People in Grand Rapids in Michigan often remember his seriously lobbying actions all the way back in the beginning of the nineties. They often remember his zeal for all sorts of regional political matters.


DeVos has a penchant for working directly alongside her husband. They relish harmonious interactions. Fighting just isn’t something that they ever do. They don’t see the point in engaging in arguments. DeVos and her hubby are the two talents who are at the helm of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They put this group together when they were a lot younger back in the eighties. They don’t find the foundation and its actions stale in any sense. They work on bettering the organization any time they get the valuable opportunity. Their financial donations advance it frequently.


This lady is no stranger to traveling all around the country and world. Going to airports doesn’t make her feel unsettled or out of sorts. She’s often spotted in the waiting lounges at airports all around the globe. She has been to bustling Miami in the Southern region of Florida. She went there in 2018 in order to talk about charter schools. Pitbull was a guest at the event as well. DeVos wants to see charter schools gain more traction in America. Pitbull wants the same.


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Portland Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna Sits Down with Interview’s George Baker

A 2019 Interview article by George Baker highlights the successes of Merger Tech CEO Nitin Knanna. The Q@A with the Portland, Oregon entrepreneur reveals some of Khanna’s background an strategies for success too.

Khanna has not always been a Portland, Oregon resident. He was born in 1971 in India. Motivated by the entrepreneurial successes of his family members, Nitin Khanna decided to move to the United States of America at the age of 17. He chose to attend Purdue University. At Purdue, Khanna received his undergraduate and master’s degrees. He was in the doctoral program for robotics, when his brother decided to come to the U.S. in 1999. Nitin Khanna left the doctoral program at Purdue that year, and he and his brother formed a company called Saber Software.

Saber Software would grow by leaps and bounds after the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the 20000 election results and concern over fraud. Already providing voter registration support through their company’s software to the election board in Oregeon, Nitin Khanna and his brother would eventually land more than 20 government contracts to modernize state voting platforms.

Khanna would sell Saber and then formed his current company Merger Tech in 2009. The company would set its focus on helping other business startups with their mobile technology. He also founded another company prior to Merger Tech called CuraCann, which is a cannabis oil company. Although he is no longer with CuraCann, Khanna hopes that he left the company able to accomplish their goals for years to come. He still has high hopes for the company.

Focusing on one’s strengths and weaknesses is a key to success, according to Khanna. He admits that one must be realistic and fully aware of their abilities. Nitin Khanna also believes that staying on top of communications is vital for success. The entrepreneur tries to make sure that any communication he receives over the phone or via email is returned within 24 hours.

When not busy with work, Nitn Khanna finds time to DJ and create documentaries.

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Betsy DeVos Talks About Trump’s Support in Latest Interview

The new US Education Secretary has certainly polarized Americans on education reform. While many believe in student’s choice, Betsy DeVos has had a hard time convincing education legislators that educational choice will improve anything. Most of the issue is that many states don’t want to add more educational choice programs to their system. However, DeVos believes that this essential for students to get ahead in America’s public school system.


So what is the issue?


Education reform in America has taken a backseat for many years. In fact, it all started during the Reagan administration with a report that showed America’s students were not competitive around the world. In fact, they were ranked so poorly that it was immediately decided to start new policies, such as standardized testing. This eventually morphed into several educational choice policies.


Not all states wanted educational choice, however, which meant that many schools were stuck in another policy. For example, many schools still adopt common core method, although Trump has denounced the program as a whole. Betsy DeVos is not a fan of standardized testing or common core, and she has been advocating for something new.


She talks about Florida in one of her interviews as the best place for students who want educational choice options. Students are able to get everything that they need from the magnet program, especially if they have a program nearby that caters to their interests. Students must also pass the applications process to get into private schools, which includes applying for tuition vouchers.


How are these vouchers created?


One thing that DeVos has argued is that students need a choice because there are so many problems with failing schools. Donors like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates known about these issues and have donated to Betsy DeVos’ campaign. In addition, Sam Walton from Wal-Mart has also donated to DeVos’ educational choice causes.


As DeVos approaches the end of her term, it will be interesting to see if she makes any progress with other states. When asked what she saw as the future for the policies, she said that she simply wanted to put students first, and that she would continue to do so until the end of her term.


DeVos has been called into question many times over what she has said in interviews, but she has never waited on her believe that students need choices in order to have a good educational experience.


In 2018, DeVos was also appointed to the school safety reform council. This group was all about protecting America’s schools and providing more options for policies and protection. While DeVos doesn’t believe that teachers should have guns, it was voted that teachers could bring guns to school to defend themselves in case of an attack.


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