George Soros, a billionaire and hedge fund manager, said that President Donald Trump would be a dictator. Soros made this statement at an economic forum held in Switzerland. It is of his opinion that Trump would rule with an iron fist. Were it not for the institutions put in place, Soros said that Trump would exercise extremism without considering the outcome. He described Trump as an individual who stands on the opposite side of an open society. A kind of person who isn’t open to suggestion and makes decisions without thinking them through. Additionally, Soros said that the president principles are contradictory and his indecisiveness and unpredictability will have an adverse economic effect on

The 86 year old businessman stated that the president is likely to offer China a seat at the high table. Soros line of thought indicated that Trump would do more for China with the aim of making it more economically acceptable on Forbes. The billionaire donated millions to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. In another forum, Soros once again said that the democracy in the United States of America was in crisis. Soros said that democracy was in the hands of a want-to-be dictator who sought the advice of incompetent people. Having toned his rhetoric since the election, Soros said that the president, however, has done nothing to change his behavior. Instead, he went ahead to appoint a cabinet of extremists on and retired generals to help him achieve and push his agendas.

The investor is, however, confident with the institutions built to protect democracy. George Soros expressed his confidence that the constitution would help tame the excesses of the executive and prevent the rise of a dictatorial rule. However, the country will be faced with an enormous internal struggle and minorities will suffer. The country will be unable to protect democracy in the world. George Soros stated that Trump will find it easy to accommodate dictators and will be more concerned about making deals rather than defending ideals from which the constitution was built.

Soros expressed his worries about the European Union. He feared that the institution would succumb to the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He stated that the Russian president doesn’t share the ideals of an open society. The economic growth is on a downward trend, and the refugee crisis is out of control. It is and is true according to Soros, not business as usual.

Besides his entrepreneurial skills, George Soros is known for his philanthropy. Attacks on immigrants and minority groups in the States has gone up since the election of President Trump. Soros has pledged $ 10 million from his personal foundation to fight the hate crimes. Through Open Society Foundation, he plans to fund at least $ 5 million to the development of strategies to help combat these crimes.