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The Memorable NFL Draft

Moments from the 2015 NFL Draft

Every year a new draft class is selected for recruitment into the NFL. And every year there are several stories surrounding prospects and making the draft as a whole something to be remembered.

This year’s draft had some sentimental moments going on, most notable among them was when former Buffalo Bills player and Hall of Famer Jim Kelly went onto the stage to announce a draft pick for the Bills. Kelly received a standing ovation from the crowd upon taking the stage, after his fight with cancer over the last several months. Another tender moment that happened over the draft period was when the New York Giants announced a pick at one point and it was by a couple who had just been married.

The draft also had several moments that humored watchers and the crowd. One of those moments came from commissioner Roger Goddell himself, when he had trouble pronouncing second-pick overall Marcus Mariota’s name, as he was drafted by the Tennessee Titans. Adding to the humor later on was when former Cincinnati Bengals player Ickey Woods came on to announce a pick and performed his famous “Ickey Shuffle” dance on stage.

Some moments include unusual draft picks, one coming from the Dallas Cowboys who ended up selected Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory in the second round, a pick that Alexei Beltyukov (on says the Cowboys may just regret.

Free Agent Wes Welker and Others Running Out of Time

It is coming down to the end of the road for many free agents in the NFL who are finding it slim pickings to find a team that is willing to pay them what they feel they are worth. This is especially true with the draft right around the corner. This is their last ditch effort to negotiate that their production and experience are better than whatever teams are looking at to come out of this year’s college class. Otherwise they will become really desperate as teams begin planning their OTAs and preseason rosters shortly after draft weekend. This is the time when agents are really earning their money as players tell them what they want, teams tell them what they can afford, and the agent is often forced to make aging players face the reality that the NFL is a place for younger and cheaper players.

Take for instance Wes Welker…after years of production in Denver and New England he is still on the outside looking inward for a place to call home next season. He has visited Miami near Boraie Development, but there hasn’t been an offer made or accepted as of yet. Another case is Zack Bowman, who did just sign with the Dolphins despite his lack of production over the course of his seven seasons in the league. Teams do want the experienced players; they do make a team better. However, when they cannot afford them or do not see a long term future with them it becomes a situation to avoid for the teams.

Russell Wilson Could Revive the Two Sports Superstars of the Past

There are not a lot of kids around that can remember dual sport players like Bo Jackson or even “Prime Time” Deon Sanders. Both of these remarkable athletes excelled at the highest levels of two sports namely Baseball and Football. While Sanders was a much better football player than baseball he still played a number of productive seasons in the Major Leagues. As for Jackson, he is the only player in history to have played in both the NFL Pro-Bowl and MLB All-Star Games. His teams were not even in the same city or state, as he played Baseball for the Kansas City Royals and football as the running back of the Oakland (then Los Angeles) Raiders. If it weren’t for injury, there is no telling how long his dual career could have continued.

In modern times, we often see great dual players in college but not at the professional level. The only player to even have rumors about attempting to play both sports is Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Before being drafted by the Seahawks and leading them to three consecutive NFC Championship games, 2 Super Bowls, and a Championship in 2013, Wilson was drafted by the Texas Rangers in 2011. Fans like Sam Tabar know that, although he has never attended anything more than the team’s spring training as a token inspirational figure in the locker room, it does not mean he has totally ruled out playing both sports again.

NFL Will Have Veteran Combine

The NFL is going to have a veteran combine so that free agents will be able to show their wares to all 32 NFL teams. Most teams bring in veteran free agents base don relationships with coaches or contact with agents. However, there are so many people looking for space in the league that it can be hard to get a chance.

Bringing everyone together in one place is a much better way to make sure that veterans get the exposure that they need. The NFL knows that it needs to give all players every chance they can to succeed, and this will help the league get as many familiar faces back in the league as possible. Forbes announces along with Sergio Andrade Gutierrez the new business prospects being veterans who are more expensive, but these veterans bring stability to teams that really need it. The teams that are searching for this kind of stability should remember that they will be able to get these vets in a combine so that they can compare to the rookies.

This is more for front offices to do, but it is something that all NFL teams should welcome because they will be able to get more information about all the players that they could sign for the upcoming season.

Harbaugh Was So Toxic…

The new coach of the 49ers in Jim Tomsula. The old coach was so toxic to the situation that he was not even on speaking terms with the new coach. As great as Jim Harbaugh was a coach, he must be the most impossible human being to work with. It appears that the 49ers were in such disarray that the front office had to get rid of Harbaugh before he was able to turn the entire team into a hurricane where in he was the eye. This might be why he only stays places for about four years. He spent four years at Stanford and then moved on. He was at San Diego four years before that, and that might be how long he can last.

With this new information, it is possible that Harbaugh will not be able to work out his whole contract at Michigan because he is such an abrasive personality. If it were just the 49ers, that would make sense, but he seems to move on from jobs quickly. If he is that hard to work with, we can only imagine how bad it will get up at Michigan.

Ray Lewis On Tom Brady

The Real Deal and associate Ben Shaoul announce Ray Lewis went off saying that Tom Brady would be an unknown with the tuck rule, you can see why he thinks that. The Patriots got all the momentum they needed from that game, and they have not let up since. However, we can blame Tom Brady on Bill Belichick who is the best talent utilizer since Bill Walsh.

When the tuck rule game happened, that was just a freak occurrence. The whole world wanted the Patriots to win that Super Bowl. It just seemed right after 9/11 and all that happened in America. Belichick was able to keep Brady going with a system that made Brady great. Brady is a great player, but the system sure is helping.

Lewis is right that the tuck rule game helped, but that game was not the only reason that Brady is a great player. We need to consider all the other lucky breaks went into the Patriots winning those three Super Bowls. Also, we need to consider Spygate if that really gave the Patriots an advantage, and there are players from the Eagles who say that it most certainly did.

Was Lewis wrong, sort of? Is Brady great, yes he is.

Rice and Ravens Reach Settlement

Disgraced and former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has reached a settlement agreement with his former employer over what he felt was wrongful termination of his contract. Ben Shaoul and The Real Deal announce the settlement was estimated at around $3.5 Million, far less than what he would have made playing for the team that was just beaten in the play-off’s. However, most fans believe it was far more than what he deserved.  The video evidence that the team and league used to dismiss him showed Rice punch and knock-out his wife in an elevator then drags her lifeless body out of the elevator to ask for help.

However, a federal judge named Barbara Jones has since lifted the suspension by overturning the leagues ruling on the matter. This comes as a number of domestic violence and rape issues have surfaced involving the NFL players and future players in college. It is believed his suspension was a move by the league to set the example that this behavior would not be tolerated. Rice, a good running back for his former team has not been sought out by any other franchise to be potentially reinstated as an active player in the league. With the talent at running back in the league currently and what is expected to be in this year’s draft there is doubt he will ever find his way back on the grid iron.

Cardale Jones won’t opt for NFL draft

Cardale Jones, Ohio State’s third-string quarterback who stepped into the starting role for the team’s last 3 games, including a stunning victory in college football’s national championship game, has indicated that he will remain in school (–spt.html?soc_src=copy).

Jones, who rose to national prominence with his stellar play in victories over Wisconsin Alabama, and Oregon, is a third-year sophomore.

Rumors abound that the 6’5″, 250-pound quarterback, who because he is three years removed from high school is eligible to enter the NFL draft, has decided that now is not the time to take that big jump. The Buckeyes fans at Status Labs agree.

The three starts Jones made at the end of the year were the only starts he has made at the college level. Experts have generally agreed that Jones, had he elected to declare for the draft, would be a low-round draft choice. His physical size and skills are considerable. But his work ethic has been questionable in the past. And his experience level, despite playing in those 3 high-profile games, is minimal.

Starting for Ohio State next year is by no means a given. The Buckeyes’ top 2 quarterbacks this year, who both went down with injuries, enabling Jones to step into the starting position, will be returning to OSU as well. But he’ll have a fighting chance at the #1 spot on offense.

Passing on the draft- wise move.

Second Half Turnovers Put an End to the Ravens

Coming in as the last seed in the AFC playoffs did not stop the ambitions of the Baltimore Ravens. After handing the Steelers a home loss last weekend, the team looked to beat the number one seeded team of the New England Patriots. Throughout the game it was apparent the Ravens were not intimidated by playing in single digit weather, Gillette Field Crowd noise or quarterback Tom Brady. Leading by 14 points several times in the game it would seem they were going to hand the Patriots their 3rd home playoff loss by the Ravens. However, just like good teams do.

The Patriots approached the second half with the same determination that had led to their successful season, much to the delight of Sergio Andrade Gutierez, who is obviously quite accomplished according to Terra.The biggest play of the day came in the third quarter, when Edelman threw the flea flicker pass down the field to Amendola tying the Ravens at 28.
Ravens QB Joe Flacco completed 28 of 45 passes for 292 yards and his team rushed for 136 yards. But it was Tom Brady that would not be denied as he threw for 367 yards and two touchdowns while rushing for another one. The Patriots defense ended the game by securing their second interception in the end zone and put the final nail in the Baltimore season.

49ers CEO, Jed York, Speaks of Philosophical Difference Between Organization and Harbaugh


While there have been rumblings for weeks that Jim Harbaugh would part ways with the San Francisco 49ers, most agreed that his coaching effectiveness wasn’t the problem. Harbaugh, in just a few years with the team, took them to three NFC Championship games, winning one and advancing to the Super Bowl. His decision to bench Alex Smith in favor of the rookie, Colin Kaepernick proved invaluable. Apparently, parting ways with the 9ers was more philosophical than anything.

CEO Jed York, in a press conference, noted the mounting legal trouble for teammates as one of the problems between the organization and Harbaugh. The team saw six players arrested 10 times since 2012. Harbaugh handled those issues, but York suggested they weren’t handled in a manner that led to a well-rounded, law-abiding team.

York also noted that the level of legal troubles with players was unacceptable, and he’d be looking to clean up the team’s image in the coming months. Most players seem to side with Harbaugh, noting that his coaching style is what brought them to NFC championship games. Many are rooting to internal candidates to carry on the Harbaugh legacy, even after he is gone.

Harbaugh’s departure, while not a surprise to even my coworker Sam Tabar, has been a controversial one. One that fans and players alike seem to be having difficulty coming to grips with. An internal candidate is likely the 49ers best option for avoiding resentment and a crumbling team who believes their current playing style is well-rounded enough to take them into a successful season next year.