James Dondero and Working Abilities

Jim Dondero isn’t someone who ever randomly stumbles onto things. He’s the kind of person who thinks everything through with all of the caution and prudence in the world. That path has proven to do well for him so far, too. James Dondero is an individual who did extremely well for himself at the University of Virginia in Central Virginia. He studied in all sorts of classes while at the school. Go To This Page for additional information.

His education there helped him get ready for all sorts of things that were on the horizon for him. After his time with the institution was up, he was all set to go into the competitive work field. JP Morgan is among the United States’ most renowned financial firms.

That’s one of the companies that recruited James Dondero relatively swiftly. He worked for JP Morgan for quite some time, racking up brand new talents left and right. That’s when American Express came knocking on his door. He put time into the credit card business for a few years.

Later, Jim Dondero encountered Mark Okada and nothing has been the same ever since. Okada is the other half of Highland Capital Management, Dondero’s existing firm. The pair made the decision to create the company in the nineties.

Once the middle part of the decade came around, they changed its setting from Los Angeles, California to Dallas, Texas. What tied the duo together? They were investing banking connoisseurs who had in-depth work backgrounds to their credits. View More Information Here.

Jim Dondero continues working tirelessly as Highland Capital Management’s Chief Executive Officer to this very day. He’s even its determined President. When he’s away from his desk for extended stretches of time, he tackles the local philanthropy sector. He likes doing everything he can to empower charitable organizations that operate within the vast city in Texas.


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The internet of things taking shape, says Jason Hope

The internet of things is the ability of devices to connect to the internet. When devices connect to the internet, they can share information among themselves and perform tasks without human intervention. The beauty about the internet of things is that it eliminates the need for human beings doing all the tasks. When machines do tasks, there are better advantages. For instance, when used in an industrial setup, there is an improvement in production capacity, automation, and better efficiency. Technology is proving to be essential in almost everything that we do. There is no way that one can stay ignoring the impact of this technology. If you are in business, adopting the latest technology is an advantage. Technology is a reason why many businesses have closed down. You cannot ignore it without getting the repercussions.

The internet of things is one of the ideas which can transform how we do business and how we live. When we have machines doing the task that we are used to doing, then there is a huge difference in such a case. IoT is going to transform how tasks are done and as we move on, we shall see intelligent devices takes places of human beings. Smart technologies are on the rise as can be seen with things such as autonomous cars.

The number of devices that can connect to the internet is expected to reach 25 billion by 2020. This number means that IoT is an idea that will not stop. The world is shifting totally to a new era of technological possibilities.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an investor and a philanthropist. He lives in Arizona and holds a bachelor in finance from Arizona State University. He then joined W.P Carey School of Business where he graduated with an MBA. He has founded various businesses among them a mobile technology company. Jason Hope is currently involved in philanthropy. He is concerned with how people in business can benefit from changes in the technological sector.

Jason Hope is interested in philanthropy in the areas of healthcare and education. He is involved in mentorship programs around his home areas of Scottsdale.

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Adam Milstein: An Exceptional Entrepreneur Cum Philanthropist

Adan Milstein is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties where he oversees the firm’s financing, disposition, and accounting sections.

Adam is a native of Israel, and he enrolled with Technion- Israel Institute of Technology. He received an undergraduate degree in Business and Economics in 1978. In 1981, Adam Milstein arrived in the United States to pursue a course in Masters of Business Administration in California Southern University. He graduated in 1983 and began a career in Commercial Real Estate.

Apart from being a real estate investor, Adam Milstein is active in philanthropy as well as an outstanding community leader. He is the founder and National Chairman of the Israeli- American Council. He chairs the group’s national expansion program. Adam Milstein also sits on the board of several organizations that have the aim of supporting the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Adam and his wife, Gila also founded an organization, Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The group distributes free monthly publications in Hebrew.

Adam Milstein is driven by the belief that for one to understand the issue by their self, they cannot rely on other people. Rather, one should be part of the solution through understanding the problem and contemplating the issue.

Therefore, when Adam realized that potential employers who had come recruiting just before his graduation were not concerned about his knowledge and experience, he decided to venture out alone. After just three years, Adam Milstein had become a successful Commercial Real Estate broker. This success saw him choose to become a real estate investor. This willingness to invest in real estate led to the creation of the Hagar Pacific Properties in 1986.

The sixty-four-year-old regards consistency, persistency, and follow-up as the main habits that have made him productive in entrepreneurship. Adam Milstein who also believes family is the most important, is influenced by his partner David Hagar. With a good view of the world and economic affairs together with being a great thinker with vision, Adam Milstein is awed by his partner’s qualities.

Adam Milstein advises prospective investors to follow up on every lead. From his experience, Adam also cautions against the mentality that success should be achieved rapidly. He rather stresses on patience and beginning of investment from scratch to the top.

Adam Milstein has done a remarkable job for Jewish-Americans through his philanthropic undertaking and is an inspiration to any aspiring entrepreneur.

How Patty Rocklage Renovated Her Home With Little Expense

Patty’s Background


Patty Rocklage is a licensed marriage and family therapist based in Sudbury, Massachusetts. She is wife to Scott Rocklage, a renowned healthcare services expert. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 1981 and boasts of over 20 years’ experience in the marriage counselling industry.


Rocklage Home Renovation


Patty Rocklage  and her husband toured Sudbury Kitchen and Bath show, and made an astounding discovery. Their home needed some face-lifting, and they were thinking of enlisting the services of subcontractors. They did not know that Ed Freelander, and Sudbury Kitchen and Bath employees were equally capable of renovating their home. They learnt of the merits of hiring Sudbury companies over subcontractors during the walk-in. The firm was able to examine their house and come up with a concrete plan on how to efficiently refurbish it. They would focus on reducing costs incurred without compromising the quality of output. Lots of time and resources would also be salvaged if they were to outsource to Sudbury Companies.


The disjoint between the kitchen and other rooms in the houses did not please the Rocklage’s. Ed came up with three solutions to this; shifting the kitchen to another room, renovate the existing kitchen or build an entirely new kitchen. Designers from the Sudbury companies drew colored artistic impressions and printed 3D models of three options, giving a vivid outlook of the expected results.


After assessing the three possible outcomes and revisiting their budget, the family decided to prioritize the redesign of the front door. The front façade was not accessible to guests, who often got lost while trying to locate it. The renovation of the Kitchen had to be momentarily put aside.


Ed designed the façade to be a three season porch. The porch would be optimized to receive sunlight when it’s rising and when it’s setting, according to Ed. The porch would also remain heated during winter season to combat chilly conditions.


Sudbury was also conserved in landscaping the project while conserving the environment. Due to the location of the home in a wetland buffer zone, relevant authorities had to be consulted before work could begin. After approval, Sudbury staff began the work. They removed over 20 truckloads of earth in a bid to level the area. The staff tried their best to finish their work before Christmas, but the bleak winter weather stood in their way.


The Rocklage’s were only seeking to refurbish their kitchen, but they ended up renovating the whole house. By entrusting the work to, Sudbury the family saved money and resources, with the project being completed in just six months.


Renovation of University Chemistry Laboratory


The Rocklage family made a significant donation towards the refurbishment of a chemistry lab in MIT. Scott said that the gift was a sign of the family’s gratitude for the quality education he received at the institution.