Betsy DeVos Talks About Her Push To Change The Educational System In America

For over 30 years, Betsy DeVos has been a reformer. DeVos has led multiple campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations. DeVos is a former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.


Betsy DeVos has also been active in several non profit roles. DeVos supports the Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA, and the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. DeVos also serves as the chairman of the American Federation for Children. Recently, DeVos sat down to discuss her career.


DeVos says that over 200,000 students are enrolled in 30 private-choice programs in the United States. Many public schools are under performing. As a result, more people are open to tax credits, vouchers, and education savings accounts. DeVos says that she was called to action after visiting the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. DeVos says that many parents faced a heavy financial burden trying to keep their children enrolled in the school.


Being a mother herself, DeVos wanted to help other parents, especially those who were struggling financially. DeVos wanted to create a foundation that awarded scholarships to students who came from low income backgrounds. While serving on the American Education Reform Council, DeVos helped pass Michigan’s first charter school bill. DeVos also helped establish the Great Lakes Education project, which was designed to promote education reform through the expansion of charter schools in the state.


Betsy DeVos is proud of the success of the American Federation for Children. Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship program has allowed over 30,000 students to attend the school of their family’s choice without any restrictions. DeVos is happy that the state government in Florida supports the program.


Louisiana and Indiana are other success stories. They have passed legislation that will serve millions of students every year. DeVos believes that the best way to invoke change in the educational system is by making it a bipartisan issue. Education should be a non-partisan topic. DeVos wants to eliminate the theory that students have to choose a school within the zip code of their family’s home. With the recent technological advancements, Betsy DeVos encourages as much freedom as possible.


DeVos recognizes that several alternative learning strategies are emerging. Digital learning will continue to gain popularity, as more children start to purchase iPads. Homeschooling is another option, as more parents seek to gain more influence over their children’s education. Charter schools and magnet schools are other options.


DeVos says that it will take a holistic effort to improve the American educational system. It’s important that the people with the power to influence change properly allocate resources, personnel, and staff time. DeVos says that she spends a lot of time encouraging donors to get involved in advocacy efforts. DeVos wants every student to fulfill their potential.


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Mark Okada Retires But Keeps His Ownership Stake in Highland Capital Management


Mark Okada is a business leader who has found himself pushing forward the Houston, Texas-based Highland Capital Management financial brand alongside business partner, James Dondero.

The two alternate credit experts founded Highland Capital in 1993 and have made it one of the largest and most trusted financial companies in the U.S. After more than a quarter of a century building the credit-based financial company, Mark Okada decided to step down from his daily operations at Highland Capital Management at the end of 2019.

Mark Okada has been responsible for many of the most important aspects of the development of Highland Capital Management over the last 25 years. The announcement of Mark Okada taking a step back from the daily operations of Highland Capital Management comes after the alternate credit expert has handed over many of his major responsibilities to senior figures at the brand. Go Here for additional information.

Highland Capital is a Houston-based financial brand, and is losing a major figure from its history, but Mark Okada believes co-Chief Investment Officer Joe Sowin will prove an able replacement for the man who spent much of his career building the success of Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero and Mark Okada built Highland Capital Management from the ground up with Okada and Dondero both finding success with their leveraged loans market. James Dondero explained he will be staying on as the President of Highland Capital Management and praised his business partner for his success over a quarter of a century of work.

Dondero explained the growth of Highland Capital Management could not have happened without the dedication and skills of Mark Okada. For his part, Mark Okada explained he was simply stepping back from his daily activities but would remain co-owner of the Highland Capital Management brand.

Alongside his work as a partner of the brand, Mark Okada explained he was proud of the work done by Highland Capital Management in the local community to improve life for those in this area of Texas. Read This Article for more information.


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Betsy DeVos and Abandoning Limitations

There are an abundance of consummate professionals on this planet. They in many cases do not compare to Betsy DeVos, however. She’s without a doubt in a league of her own. Few people can hold a candle to her and to all of her efforts. She has an exemplary partner on her side as well. That partner is Dick DeVos or more simply, “Richard.” They’ve been a peaceful couple for a long span of time, and nothing about that is going to change any time soon. They adore being around each other no matter what.


President Donald J. Trump isn’t someone who has any questions that involve voicing his opinions. He never hesitates to share the things that are on his mind. That’s why he has no problem telling everyone just how outstanding Betsy DeVos is. He chose her to work as the Education Secretary in the United States for a reason. He has more than a sole reason, too. He has countless reasons. She knows a lot about the ins and outs of the schooling system in the United States, first and foremost. She’s someone who never backs down from things that may be difficult. She has a work ethic that’s out of this world. She’s someone who genuinely wants to do right by other people as well.


Betsy DeVos is never ever bored. The thought of boredom has honestly never even occurred to her. That’s because she’s in tune with all of the inconsistencies that go on in this world. She thinks that there are many things about the United States and planet that call for a degree of fine tuning. She wants to fine tune things herself, too.


Elisabeth Prince used to be this lady’s full name. It ceased to be her full name after she got married, however. She never looks back on her marriage with any emotion other than pure giddiness. She knows all too well that Dick is her true soulmate. He believes in the power of rock-solid educations just as she does. They never stop talking about the things that educations can do for people. They acknowledge all of the time that it opens many doors.


Does Betsy DeVos ever disagree with President Trump? She does sometimes. That doesn’t interfere with how she speaks with him, though. She’s always the most positive force around him. People who are around her never spot her behaving in a way that seems uneasy. She’s always a bundle of sheer enthusiasm. Her positivity is something that many people think is infectious. People adore the feelings of sunshine she offers.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is an important subject for Betsy and for her tireless husband. It’s been an important one for them since they created it in 1989. It’s a group that’s categorized as being a not-for-profit. It’s one that handles all sorts of American charitable goals. It even goes into philanthropic concepts of all kinds. DeVos wants to take the organization even further soon.


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Mark Okada Of Highland Capital Management Announces His Pending Retirement

Highland Capital Management is a hedge fund based in Dallas, Texas. It was established in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Their company oversees about $15 billion in assets under management and has clients from around the world. James Dondero is the president, while Mark Okada was the co-chief investment officer until his recent retirement.

Highland Capital is a pioneer in the leveraged loan market, the firm has evolved over 25 years, building on its credit expertise and value-based approach to expand into other asset classes.

Mark Okada announced his retirement on September 30, 2019. He has been the face of Highland Capital Management as he has appeared on business channels like Bloomberg TV and CNBC. He will continue to be a co-owner of the company.

James Dondero announced that he would take over Mark Okada’s Co-CIO duties along with Joe Sowin. He said he was grateful to have worked with Mark Okada for decades. His leadership, performance, and personality were welcomed by everyone at Highland Capital Management. Their company has gone through multiple credit cycles and is an enduring company.

Mark Okada had been planning for his retirement for several years. He has slowly transferred his responsibilities to others and will complete his exit by the end of December. Mark Okada will be a senior advisor until then. He said he is proud of what they have built at Highland Capital and what it has done for its investors and other stakeholders. Find More Information Here.

He thanked all of his coworkers at Highland Capital Management. They made great contributions to the company he co-founded. He singled out James Dondero, saying that he was thankful to be friends with him and his continuing support. See This Page for more information.

Besides its Dallas headquarters, Highland Capital Management also has offices in Singapore, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires.

Highland Capital Management announced in August that it had entered into a partnership with InterContinental Hotels Group. They are completely renovating Dallas’ Cityplace Tower. This building is 31 years old.


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Betsy Devos Is an Outspoken Proponent of Faith-Based Schools

An influential panel in the Senate interviewed the new Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. This powerful political group in the Senate is responsible for the confirmation of nominations to the federal government. According to her supporters, Betsy DeVos is a political figure that has a unique viewpoint on the question of how to run the national educational framework for America.


Per the claims of her fans, this makes her a person that can deliver the kind of reform that she previously promised to her political allies. She purports to be interested in boosting the prospects provided for pupils across the nation. Betsy DeVos has additionally worked long and hard to support the achievements of American schoolchildren.


She has done this by fostering a more successful educational path through a series of academic organizations that she has founded and supervised. These organizations were formed to amend the national educational framework. One of the primary methods she has used to modify the American education system is by founding charter schools.


Charter schools are an alternative form of educational organization that attempts to combine the best qualities of private and public schools. The proponents of charter schools claim that these academies combine the customization of private schools when it comes to pedagogical strategies with the federal funding of public schools. Youngsters can also be issued vouchers which allow even the most impoverished schoolchildren to attend whichever academy they desire.


Public schools are usually attended by children that are forced to study at whatever school is part of their school district. Betsy DeVos claims that allowing moms and dads to choose the right schools for their youngsters is a better system. This structure is an alternative to forcing children to attend specific academies based on the geographic location of their homes.


Betsy DeVos first became involved in the Republican Party in her 20s. However, her rivals are quick to point out that she has never held a position as an elected politician. As anticipated, the GOP controlled Senate affirmed her when it came time for her confirmation before the Senate.


Simultaneously, her husband also attempted to win the post of governor of the state of Michigan in the year 2006. At the same time, her husband was not successful in his attempt to become the governor of Michigan. Her outspoken support for faith-based schools is another reason why liberals oppose her.


Left-wing politicians frequently disagree with the ethics that educators teach at faith-based academies. Betsy DeVos, however, has unabashedly advocated for the use of more faith-based educational organizations. She has also stated that she wishes to offer further support for Christian methods of education.


Betsy wants to do this by modifying the nation’s scholarly framework to favor faith-based academies.


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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Looking Out for You

Kisling, Nestico & Redick make up the dynamic team of lawyers in Ohio. You might have seen their slogan. With thirty lawyers at call and a hundred staff in various locations, the law firm has helped thousands receive a fair settlement in the tune of 450 million. Their practice can be found in over 10 different areas in the state of Ohio.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick stands united against any large insurance companies that don’t deal fairly with their clients mainly because of what one of its partners went through as a child. At 15, a driver failed to stop and hit the car Rob Nestico was a passenger in. The driver lost his life, and Rob was injured with two broken kneecaps and two broken arms that had to have a steel rod put into his forearm. His injuries also included a hematoma on his head. Rob spent months in a hospital. Because his parents did not speak English, they didn’t receive a fair settlement by the insurance company handling the claim.

Kisling Nestico & Redick Give Back to Ohio Communities –

Young Rob learned fast about the unfairness of big corporations and decided to devote his life to helping others receive the justice they deserve. He wanted to ensure that no other families went through what he did.

The law firm has built a reputation for its fairness and compassion for others. Their excellent results for their clients came about by being able to predict the insurance companies ways of handling things, and their aggressive stand while fighting in court. One of their tacts has to do with the fact that some of their lawyers have come from the very insurance that they are now fighting and are aware of insurance tactics during the trial. Committed about giving to others, Kisling Nestico & Redick raised 300,000 for food banks and other charities.

Kisling, Nestico & Reddick furnish knowledgeable injury law to clients in Ohio especially with wrongful death, car and auto accident and medical malpractice.

Portfolio Manager Clement Perrette Is Involved In Philanthropy And Whale Protection

Managing portfolios, for Clement Perrette, involves trading delicately with regards to fixed income investments. RAM Active Investments hosted Mr. Perrette since 2016, and his senior portfolio managing skills were in use there. Previously, Barclays Capital, BNP Paribas and even Deutsche Bank all benefited from Clement’s work. HEC Paris was his institution of choice for attaining his finance degree, and the National School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics of Grenoble awarded Clement his engineering credentials.

Additionally, Clement Perrette has demonstrated thoroughly a dedication to oceanic and sea life. Whales, as well as dolphins, Clement praises for their intelligence. Unfortunately, Perrette has become displeased with the hunting of these sea animals for meat. Clement commented that both the financial and nutritional benefits that nations carrying out these operations receive can easily, through a wealth of other sources, be met.

Japan’s recent departure from the IWC, or the International Whaling Commission, allowed it to resume its predatory practices towards whales. According to Perrette, the migratory nature of such species dictates that neither Japan, nor any other country, can declare whale ownership. See This Page for additional information.

Clement Perrette has taken quite an active approach when it comes to his protection efforts towards both dolphins and whales, and he highlights them in his interesting project, Ocean Souls. This film has heavy Clement involvement, and its filming should enter its completion stages towards late 2019.

Perrette expects early 2020 to witness Ocean Soul’s final release, and, as Clement is also an executive producer, it is quite understandable for his involvement to exceed that of many other individuals. Some of Perrette’s colleagues on that project include Bogomil Balkansky, Barbara Bellini and also Martin Moscoivsh. Clement also participated in Call of the Blue, a book, and UPROAR, a non-profit project, in his further endeavors in whale protection.


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Betsy DeVos Sets Stage As Political Powerhouse

Finding success in the White House is certainly a difficult task. This task is made even more difficult when you include how divisive the political environment has become since the 2016 Presidential Election. When Donald Trump won the election, he hand-picked his cabinet members by focusing on outsiders who he believed could fight back against insider political corruption. One of his choices for Secretary of Education was Betsy DeVos, a prominent GOP supporter from the state of Michigan. DeVos was ultimately confirmed by the Senate and has since been leading the Department of Education. Now, DeVos is looking to continue growing her rapidly improving reputation as a political powerhouse and prominent reformer.


It was early 2017 when President Trump set his sights on removing federal protections for transgendered students while at school. The move was widely lauded in conservative circles but it was still seen as ultimately divisive by much of the country. For Betsy DeVos, who worked directly with schools and the students inside of them, the move was one that she could not get on board with. Publicly, Betsy Devos called the elimination of protections an important step forward but privately she had her own misgivings. In fact, Betsy DeVos spoke directly with President Trump in order to try and dissuade him. Ultimately, President Trump would do what he chose but not before coming to the realization that Betsy DeVos was no mere pushover newcomer in politics.


Betsy DeVos came into Washington D.C. with a notable lack of political experience on her resume. For the past thirty years, Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos had been campaigning for education reform as private citizens. While Betsy DeVos has long been a substantial donor to Michigan’s Republican Party and the GOP on a national level, she has always lived by her own set of values. What does this mean? It means that Betsy DeVos came into Washington D.C. with a conservative pedigree and an open mind, the exact kind of formation that makes any politician tough to handle.


Betsy DeVos is fully on board with advocating for education reform that conservatives can believe in. Touting the voucher system and school choice, Betsy DeVos has been seeking to change the way that the United States government allocates funds to public schools. Betsy DeVos believes that the government should not discern between publicly funded schools and religious or privately owned institutions. DeVos believes that students learn best in environments that are tailored to them and that they should not be punished for being put in different institutions. This will likely be the defining campaign that Betsy Devos takes on during her time as the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. Can she succeed? Only time will tell.


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What You Did Not Know About Human Rights Groups

A human rights organization or group is usually an NGO, which supports the rights of human beings. This is done by identifying violations, lobbying to halt said violations, making sure the public is aware of such violations, performing institutional advocacy, collecting incident data of violations and publication and analysis of the same. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase


Funding for human rights organizations is mainly derived from various sources and well-wishers. A good example in the United States is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are cofounders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. They received settlement money from an arrest by Sherriff Joe Arpaio. This money is used to fund migrant rights organizations in the state of Arizona.

Lacey and Larkin received $3.75 million settlement from their arrest on October, 2007. They sued the County Sherriff’s department for unlawful imprisonment and arrest, and they received the settlement. They have dedicated the settlement to assist immigrants, especially of Latino decent, as a result of their experience of human rights violations.

How Human Rights Groups Work

Similar to other non-governmental organizations, human rights organizations are defined by legal restrictions under which they operate including:

  • Having a formal existence with a representative and democratic structure and a statute that normally enjoys legal personality under law
  • Does not promote or use violence or have any clear connections with criminality
  • Has a non-profit aim (this means that any profits the group may get will be used to fund its objective and not distributed to its members)
  • Is an NGO meaning it does not perform public functions, is free from governmental influence and has been established by a private initiative

Michael Lacey defines such a group as an entity that is distinguished from any political components of a given society. Unlike political advocates who seek to protect human rights of a particular constituency, human rights organizations such as the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund defends similar rights for members in all societies in their region, and sometimes even globally.

Furthermore political groups tend to look for ways to improve their own discrete programs or interests. On the other hand, groups for human rights are not politically biased when dealing with any legitimate participants in areas where any violations of human rights have occurred.

Lacey insists that having such a general independent focus will distinguish partisan and sectarian groups from human rights groups. For example, a trade union has the main goal of protecting the interest of their members and not everyone in the said industry.

Confusion With Humanitarian Groups

Jim Larkin has stated that it is common for humanitarian groups and organizations to be confused with human rights groups and organizations. The latter is also often confused with organizations representing lobbies with a focus on particular lobbies.

According to Larkin, this happens even though the majority looks to distinguish themselves from all political groups, organizations or movements associated in conflicts and encounters that are usually the cause of human rights violations. Usually these rights groups deem themselves experts on information they gather using field researchers and rights observers.

One of the popular internationally renowned group fighting for human rights is Amnesty International. Take note it is currently not a sole human rights group as other organizations. It has expanded the definition of human rights as they get involved with issues that are not really considered to be human rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Stream Energy Shows People How to Make a Difference

The main goal Stream always had was giving people a chance at lower rates and better opportunities with the experiences they have. They knew there were things that would help them and they also knew everything would keep getting better no matter the issues they faced. Stream Energy keeps giving people the chance to see positive experiences no matter what. Their goals focus on helping people and giving everyone the best chances they can use for success. They want people to keep doing things right and keep offering positive experiences for everyone who wants to see these things. The company always knew things would get better and they also knew the industry would change because of the hard work they put into the business. It was their goal of helping that allowed them the chance to see there were things they could use in different situations.

Between the hard work that Stream Energy put into the company and the need they had for success, they’ve thrived in different situations. They always do their best to continue showing people what they can get. They’ve spent a lot of time learning about positive experiences and positive opportunities for success. Stream Energy likes to show people what they can get from different situations. They know everyone gets a better experience if they have a strong company behind them. While Stream continues being that strong company, they feel good about what they can give their customers.

Everything the company does goes back to the hard work they put into the business. They’ve spent their time trying to show people how things will always be better and how they’ll always have a chance to keep growing. No matter what others choose to do, Stream knows they have the best opportunities. By using the Stream Cares program, Stream Energy makes sure people see the things that will keep helping them. They believe they can make a big difference to everyone no matter what issues they face or what they do to get to these issues. The company relies on hard work and positive experiences to give everyone the things they need.