Bhanu Choudhrie Wants AAG to be the Best Flight School in Asia

When Mr. Bhanu Choudhrie founded Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) 13 years ago, he hoped that it would become a world-class flight school. Today after graduating 900 pilots from over 40 different countries, AAG is recognized as the finest aviator training academy in the Philippines.

Visiting AAG’s campus in Pampanga province, 50 miles north of Manila, you will find an active batch of cadet pilots. The cadet corps has access to top-notch instruction as well as state of the art equipment. That includes a brand-new A320 flight simulator. Bhanu Choudhrie has little doubt the new simulator is worth the $11 million investment.

One thing is certain, it will be put to good use as enrollment ramps up to keep pace with ever-increasing demand for new pilots. Boeing estimates that the demand for more pilots will result in slots for 200,000 new commercial aviators in Asia by 2038.

The developing pilot shortage has led many commercial carriers throughout Asia to start their own academies. Others have made arrangements with AAG for the training of their new pilots. AAG has worked with the biggest names among airlines flying in the Philippines, such as Philippine Airways, Cebu Air, and PAL Express among others.

The pilot shortage is getting worse, according to Bhanu Choudhrie, because of the exclusive gender notions many people have about the profession. For instance, in the Philippines, aviation is considered men’s work. As a matter of fact, worldwide 97% of all pilots are men. Bhanu Choudhrie authoritatively declares that the future of aviation will demand that women have a seat in the cockpit. There just are not enough men to supply the number of pilots needed by the airlines.

Consistent with Mr. Choudhrie’s view, the cadet corps at AAG is 20% female. He attributes that to the efforts made by the school at recruiting women.

Female pilots representing AAG visit universities around the Philippines where they give presentations. During these interactions many of the misconceptions regarding gender and aviation are dispelled from the minds of viable candidates.

Now that AAG has become the preeminent flight school in the Philippines, the work has begun to make it number one throughout Asia. Want to learn more about Bhanu Choudhrie, visit at

Jason Hope Entrepreneur, Technologist, Author

Anti-Aging Work

In recent years Jason Hope has contributed significantly to the work of the SENS foundation, whose purpose is to decelerate the progress of aging. The SENS foundation laboratories received a great monetary gift from Jason Hope in 2010, but he has continued to support the foundation till today with as much as $1 million toward the cause. The purpose of the SENS foundation is to do research and collaborate with another scientist who works in the SENS labs as well as at other academic labs across the country and the world to find anti-aging solutions that give a better and longer quality of life to individuals.

Biographical Information

Jason Hope recently sat down with a reporter from Ideamensch to discuss his thoughts on a variety of topics about his life. One problem he spoke about was the importance he believes anti-aging research will hold for the future. Jason Hope expressed enthusiasm for the subject owing to the fact he pointed out that many people think that there is only one purpose for anti-aging. Research is to live forever. There is another purpose, which is broader and more relevant to everyone’s daily life, which is to enhance and prolong our lives to an higher quality of living.

Writing on Technology

Another passionate topic for Jason Hope are those technologies he finds which have a significant impact upon others and could be new waves of technology and enhance billions of people’s lives, which are often seen in his writings. He considers these technological advances in a twofold way. First, they disrupt the way we see things, and they also open more full doors to making lives better. IoT is such a topic that has recently been bringing much attention to the press, because of its cross-fertilization with technology. IoT necessarily the connection of technology, at home, business, or society, combined with the entire internet experience and all it has to offer.

Integratable Apps

The latest IoT contributions have been able to connect technology which is both personal and contributes to a person’s health and easily connects an individual to the internet and the contributions it can make even more to a person’s health. It can be compared to having every possible source for one’s physical health at the touch of a button and then have a simple app tell you what you need to do at each moment what you need to do to keep climbing up the ladder to perfect health.

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Home is where Highland assets manager James Dondero’s heart is


If Dallas wouldn’t be Dallas without its Highland Dallas Foundation, then neither would James Dondero be James Dondero. That’s because the Highland Capital Management co-founder helps keep many of the city’s nonprofits thriving in myriad ways unseen.

JP Morgan was Jim Dondero’s first stop following his completion of accounting degrees at the University of Virginia — his investment experience there would then transfer to a stint at American Express in alternative credit strategy management. Protective Life named him chief investment officer in 1989; four years later, he and fellow investment banker Mark Okada started Highland Capital Management, moving the firm from Los Angeles to Dallas in 1994. View Additional Info Here.

The firm has $17 billion in assets under its management and offices in Sao Paolo, Singapore, Seoul and New York. Jim Dondero oversees assets management. Okada is the company’s chief financial officer.

Twenty-two Fortune 500 companies call Dallas home to much more than high-rolling business and their executives; several attractions in the two-city metroplex (population 7.2 million, including Fort Worth’s count) bring tourists from all over the world. The Dallas Cowboys NFL entry; the Dallas Mavericks NBA club; the Dallas Zoo, Symphony and Museum of Art; the Perot Museum of Nature and Science; the domestic abuse haven Family Place, and the Bush Presidential Center (recently the recipient of a $10 million Highland endowment) have benefited from Jim Dondero’s generosity and sense of philanthropy. Read This Article for more information.

The Highland Dallas Foundation oversees it all, giving the Dallas community social help as well as financial support.

Highland Capital Management has a solid name as a Dallas social leader. But Jim Dondero chooses to take no personal credit for his organization’s work. The firm, he says, is part of a community effort to keep Dallas in the lead when it comes to social initiatives.


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Ara Chackerian is Working to Bring TMS Therapy to the Mainstream

Through his years in the field of investment and healthcare, Ara Chackerian has established a reputation as a highly successful investor, businessman, and philanthropist. By making investments in healthcare-specific solutions that present out of the box solutions to those who need them the most, Chackerian has supported some of the most subversive yet highly rated healthcare services.

One such solution is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which focuses on treating depressive disorder through a treatment option deployed via magnetic devices. The FDA approved the approach only in 2008, which means that there aren’t many medical health professionals who specialize in it. But through his and his partner’s dedication to bringing this solution to the masses, Ara Chackerian has been able to find the right professionals who could practice this modality with ease.

These efforts by Ara Chackerian have included contacting one of the groundbreaking professionals Dr. Richard Bermudas who has been practicing the modality ever since its approval by the FDA. Through Dr. Bermudas’ expertise, Ara Chackerian was able to identify the significant hurdles in deploying the treatment method and focused on working around them to bring about TMS solutions to the masses.

Today, Ara Chackerian and his partner’s collaboration provides TMS therapy through targeted diagnostic and treatment centers that are spread across the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. Through these facilities, many patients who had once been going through the difficulties of depression and other mental illnesses have been able to benefit from the new treatment method. As the adoption grows, Chackerian hopes that TMS will be adopted by mainstream medical solutions to help more people.

In addition to working in this unconventional medium, Ara Chackerian also takes time out to write about topics that are just as subversive. Recently, he took to blogging platform Medium to share his two cents on the subject of the growing mental health issues in the startup industry. Given that it is an epidemic that almost everyone in the industry is aware of, but no one talks about, Chackerian’s decision to tackle it is based on a notion to encourage its sufferers to seek help before it’s too late.

Vijay Eswaran: Entrepreneur and Thought Leader

Vijay Eswaran is the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group. He was born in Penang, Malaysia, to a hard working family of Indian descent. Eswaran worked to pay for his own college education in London, earning a degree in Economics. He worked as an information systems engineer for several Asian and US companies, including IBM, before returning to Asia. In 1998, Eswaran founded the company that would become QNET. The company used an innovative combination of direct sales and e-commerce and quickly became a leader in the Philippines and South-East Asia, supporting a growing group of entrepreneurs. Eswaran is still involved at QNET, leading conventions and trainings for entrepreneurs.

Eswaran founded The QI Group and is the current Executive Chairman, overseeing the business with Managing Director, Joseph Bismark. The QI Group is based in Asia with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Thailand. They specialize in direct sales and finance, as well as education, hospitality, real estate, and retail. The QI Group operates with several core values built upon RYTHM– Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. The values, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi are: integrity, service, sustainability, and leadership.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Eswaran is a bestselling author. He has written several motivational books, including, In the Sphere of Silence and In the Thinking Zone. Each focuses on leadership and mindfulness. His latest book, Two Minutes from the Abyss, lays out his 11 Pillars of Life Management empowering readers to take back their lives and find purpose.

Eswaran has also established two foundations, RYTHM and Vijayaratnam. The foundations focus on improving communities within Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The Vijayaratnam Foundation established a school in Malaysia for children with special needs. Eswaran has received several awards for his philanthropy including a Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship in 2016.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters Gets a Helping Hand From Kisling Nestico & Redick

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a law firm with a big heart. Lawyers from the firm spend the majority of their day helping individuals who’ve been injured in personal injury accidents, but their desire to help runs far deeper than helping their paying clients as their job duty. As philanthropists who strive to help the Southeastern Ohio community, KNR gives back to those in need as often as they can and in every way possible.

Kisling Nestico & Redick participates in many community activities and hosts several as well. Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship program and the local school lunch donation program are two programs the law firm hosts. Recently, Kisling Nestico & Redick had the opportunity to assist with the Big Boys, Big Girls program by sending a few deserving children (and their big brother or sister) on shopping sprees where they could pick up all the items they need, such as clothing, school supplies, and more.

Kisling Nestico & Redick selected 12 kids from the program and took them on a Meijer shopping spree. Children and staff alike were all smiles as the law firm helped make dreams come true for a few deserving boys and girls. It’s all a part of the firm’s desire to build stronger communities for those who most need the help. Total, Kisling Nestico & Redick spend just over $3,000 on the shopping spree, with plans to do it again in the near future as a part of their ‘KNR Cares for Kids’ program.

Kisling Nestico & Redick are Award-winning trial lawyers who are ready to tackle any challenge that affects your personal injury case and recoup the largest possible award to compensate for your injuries, time off from work, pain and suffering, and more. When this firm is there, you know that you have a name that cares about you and your accident recovery. Don’t trust your needs to just any firm and hope for the best. Kisling Nestico & Redick law firm is around to help you get the justice that you deserve.

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Max Salk Is a Modern Day Renaissance Man

Max Salk is a talented and driven investment analyst with a passion for history, traveling as well as supporting programs for military members and their families.

Salk holds a degree in finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a minor in history, but he has a curiosity that leads him to pursue many vocations such as photography and volunteering.

During his time in college, Salk developed an interest in investing and finance industry. He would routinely watch CNBC and perform extensive research on companies, learning how the markets worked. After graduating, Salk landed a stint at Morningstar where he would assist in seminars as a junior employee. Salk enjoyed developing presentations that involved various student activities and group discussions.

In his travels, Max Salk developed a passion for photographing beautiful landscapes, creating an extensive collection that can be found on his website, Max Salk Photography. He came up with the idea for the website, so he could share in his delight of capturing nature through the art of photography with others around the world. Salk is currently working on adding a feature that would enable visitors an opportunity to purchase prints directly from the website.

Supporting the Navy SEAL Foundation is a personal endeavor that Salk holds dear. Gaining a deep understanding of the incredible sacrifices military members and their families make in order to protect this nation and its citizens, Salk feels it is important to offer programs that support active duty personnel and their families during deployments. He is also an avid supporter of America’s Gold Star Families, which provides survivorship services for the families of fallen heroes.

Max Salk’s recipe for success comes from his honest and sensible approach towards developing a complete understanding of whatever endeavor he may be working on. He is exceptionally organized, pays attention to every detail and is not afraid to ask questions in order to gain a better insight as to how he can achieve his goals effectively.

Max Salk is an investment analyst in New York. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, he is a fan of both the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears.

Betsy Devos Fights a Political Block to Give Students a Choice

Betsy Devos has been on fire lately. After years of working in the Michigan legislature under the Republican Party, she has moved up to the 11th US Education Secretary office, where she has been working with the First Lady Melania Trump, state education leaders, and school safety officials to help America’s students. Devos has said in previous interviews that she believes in putting students first, and she isn’t going to back down from educational choice just yet.


Ever since she was appointed to the 11th Office of US Education Secretary by President Trump, Devos has had to defend herself against many in education administration and public school policy. What does she want? She believes that students should have a choice where they go to school. Her opponents say differently, and it’s been causing quite a stir in Congress as Devos fights for educational choice.


However, many have underestimated the Michigan mother who comes from a teacher family and wants to do more for students than providing standardized tests and common core. Just before President Trump took away a federal policy that allowed transgender students to go into bathrooms based on their gender identities, Devos met with the Education Department official representations for gay and transgender students to warn them.


While she gave no public statement on the warning, she was in disagreement with President Trump on rescinding the policy. She told the Conservative Political Action Conference that the federal rules set in place in the Obama administration were overreaching. While she has been a huge promoter of private schools and charter schools, the former Chairwoman of the Republic Party in Michigan said that she was a strong team player in Trump’s administration.


Many don’t know who Betsy Devos is, but if you are from Michigan, then you have heard or seen her before at education rallies and in philanthropy news. She has worked hard to bring education legislation to the floor in Michigan, and she has been able to work hard as a political fighter, even eliminating political opponents in her home state.


In addition to her fight in Washington, she has also been fighting against school gun violence and helping school officials with new policies to derail new gun attacks. While she hasn’t said whether teachers will be armed, she does believe that schools need tighter regulations and not necessarily more guns.


Many have underestimated Devos before, but she doesn’t let that get in her way. She has continued to provide interviews and hopes that opponents see what she is doing is for students and not for private interests. She has been able to use funding from philanthropy for most educational choice programs in Louisiana and Florida so far.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Shiraz Boghani’s Business Investments.

Shiraz Boghani, as chairperson and founder of Splendid Hospitality Group, he was accorded the award Hotelier of the year honor in the year twenty sixteen through the Asian Business awards. This was one of the great honors he has received over the years. His success commenced when he relocated to the United Kingdom and ventured into accounting. This led to his qualification as a Chartered accountant. He was later employed into a professional firm which deals with financial advice. There, he worked as an accountant. Apart from accounting, Shiraz Boghani has a specific keen interest in the hotel sector thus making this not only business but business is driven by passion. He has been in the hotel industry [for thirty years. More about of Shiraz Boghani at CompanyCheck

During his years in the Industry, Shiraz Boghani has managed to spearhead the commence, building and success of twenty hotels in the United Kingdom. One of the largest projects in his lengthy career as a hotelier is the building and development of the renowned hotel Hilton London Bankside which has an estimated net worth of one hundred and twenty- one million pounds. The Conrad London St. James, The York, The Grand Hotel and Spa are also part of his greatest successes, these among others.

Shiraz Boghani, beside his busy schedules and dedication to business, he has spared his time and focused his energy in too many good causes. Born in Kenya, Boghani is now a leading member in the United Kingdom’s National Council where he represents the interests of the Ismaili community across U.K. He is also an enormous supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation where he is involved in several activities in the Aga Khan University based in Pakistan. He has also tasked himself in issuing training programs in parts of Kenya and The United Kingdom.

Shiraz Boghani co-founded Sussex Health Care. This facility is charged with the responsibility of taking care of individuals with different medical attention in dementia, neurology, the aged and learning disabilities. He has watched the company grow from an idea, the grand opening and the launching of twenty-four care homes.

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Betsy DeVos Never Stops

Betsy DeVos is an example of a person you could call a “sage.” She has wisdom in droves. Dick DeVos does, too. People can explain the glory of their marriage by assessing their personalities. They’re almost like twins in their actions. People also know, however, that they’re distinctive individuals. They each are equipped with specific interests and objectives. That’s not to say, though, that they don’t often come together. They do. The establishment of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation confirms this. This charitable group in the United States was made by the married pair in 1989. Nothing has changed for the organization since that time in the late eighties, either. Dick and Betsy make regular donations one of their constant goals. They’re serious about donations that encompass all sorts of sectors. Artwork, lifestyle, neighborhoods, culture and poverty are all big and remarkable examples.


Betsy DeVos is a lovely American lady who has several kids with Dick. She’s been a wonderful role model to her children. She’s been a fantastic role model to other people who aren’t even part of her family, too. People have many good things to say about her unrivaled tenacity. She’s persistent in the most positive sense of the word. She’s tireless in a way that most individuals probably can’t even comprehend. Charitable missions take up a big fraction of her day. Philanthropic causes do, too. She’s also a member of President Donald Trump’s administration. Working as a Secretary of Education isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It’s particularly difficult in a nation as diverse, complex and large as the United States.


Educational choice is something that’s perpetually on DeVos’ mind. Educational vouchers are always in her thoughts as well. Since DeVos is a caring mother, she sympathizes with parents who are in ruts with regard to their kids’ schooling journeys. There are thoughtful parents in the country who can’t save enough money to accommodate school tuition. These parents are always trying to make choices that benefit their children.


DeVos has a lot of knowledge that relates to politics. She delved into the political field when she was just a teenager in college in the seventies. Elisabeth Prince was a Michigan girl who had a terrific reputation at Calvin College. She took on many political tasks while attending the institution of higher learning. She’s the same person to this day. She’s an unstoppable American citizen.


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