Everyone has seen the adorable dog food commercials, the ads with precious little pups or our all time best friends. The lovable dog on the front of Purina Beneful’s packaging does a great job of accomplishing the same goal as these other forms of media. However, is this pup really as happy as he looks in the picture?

Yes, yes he is. After extensive research, it has been concluded that Beneful is being honest when they tell their customers that their wet and dry dog food is made of rich meats and is jamb packed with vitamins and minerals that help a dog grow and sustain health throughout their life. A large number of employees for Beneful use this brand for their dogs as well: they trust the product that they make.

According to these employees, each ingredient is tested for quality, expected to extend beyond a standard. They value cleanliness in their factories.

Beneful is safe, with an army of scientists and doctors looking to keep all of their customers and their dogs healthy and happy. It is proven and monitored to contain real vegetables, meats, and whole grains. This produces shiny coats, and healthy pets with lots of energy and good teeth.

Not only does Beneful have a great product, but they encourage play and activity, both for the dog and with your dog. They wish to enhance relationships between pets and their owners, and encourage pets to get activity.

My dog, ever since I was young, has eaten Beneful, and my new pup certainly will. Their value for family and quality is impeccable.