Managing portfolios, for Clement Perrette, involves trading delicately with regards to fixed income investments. RAM Active Investments hosted Mr. Perrette since 2016, and his senior portfolio managing skills were in use there. Previously, Barclays Capital, BNP Paribas and even Deutsche Bank all benefited from Clement’s work. HEC Paris was his institution of choice for attaining his finance degree, and the National School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics of Grenoble awarded Clement his engineering credentials.

Additionally, Clement Perrette has demonstrated thoroughly a dedication to oceanic and sea life. Whales, as well as dolphins, Clement praises for their intelligence. Unfortunately, Perrette has become displeased with the hunting of these sea animals for meat. Clement commented that both the financial and nutritional benefits that nations carrying out these operations receive can easily, through a wealth of other sources, be met.

Japan’s recent departure from the IWC, or the International Whaling Commission, allowed it to resume its predatory practices towards whales. According to Perrette, the migratory nature of such species dictates that neither Japan, nor any other country, can declare whale ownership. See This Page for additional information.

Clement Perrette has taken quite an active approach when it comes to his protection efforts towards both dolphins and whales, and he highlights them in his interesting project, Ocean Souls. This film has heavy Clement involvement, and its filming should enter its completion stages towards late 2019.

Perrette expects early 2020 to witness Ocean Soul’s final release, and, as Clement is also an executive producer, it is quite understandable for his involvement to exceed that of many other individuals. Some of Perrette’s colleagues on that project include Bogomil Balkansky, Barbara Bellini and also Martin Moscoivsh. Clement also participated in Call of the Blue, a book, and UPROAR, a non-profit project, in his further endeavors in whale protection.


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