How An Ex-NFL Blew a Chunk of His $20 Million

If you ever wondered which current and former NFL players go broke, that list is long. Now, Phillip Buchanon, the ex-NFL Raider and Redskin is explaining how NFL players fall into that trap of mismanaging money until there’s none left.

Buchanon uses his experience to educate new NFL players on handling fame and fortune and more importantly, saving and investing.

According to Igor Cornelsen, he made more than $20 million during his nine-year career, but Buchanon says he always felt obligated to help out, especially his family.

“People wonder about the type of bad decisions I made. Definitely blowing $1.5 million on a business deal was bad. I would have to say throwing too much money away — ridiculous amounts like $50,000 here, $20,000 there — never a smart move.”

At a recent speaking engagement, Buchanon advised NFL players on adjusting to wealth.

Buchanon also comments on family members requesting money for urgent expenses like fixing things. “Of course, I’d go ahead and write them out a check. The check always managed to get cashed, but the problem was never fixed.”

Could the Minnesota Vikings Be Gunning for the Division?

The NFC North has long been one of the more competitive divisions in all of football. The competition has always been thick in the North not because the teams are always so talented, but because the rivalries between the four squads are very real and very intense. For a long time the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions have been destined for the bottom of the pack, but now it appears that Minnesota is making an upward push — and reports have them listed as looking like a playoff caliber squad.

Jim Dondero (nexpointadvisors) knows that the biggest question entering the off season revolved around embattled superstar running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson, who is coming off of a lost season thanks to off the field issues, had planned on holding out for a trade or a release from Minnesota. Minnesota called his bluff and told him that he could sit out another year or put on his cleats and help the Vikings win. So, AP is in the backfield.

With Teddy Bridgewater entering his second season of play the Vikings are much more tuned in to his possibilities. Bridgewater had a successful rookie season, going 6 – 6 as a starter with a completion percentage over 64% (11th in the NFL). Bridgewater succeeded without AP in the backfield and with nobody to throw the ball too. Now Peterson is back, Bridgewater has a few new weapons, and the Vikings are primed to make a big push in the North.

NFL Team Signs 9-year-old and Makes his Dream Come True

Dylan Sutcliffe is a 9-year-old who was recently signed to a one-day contract with the NFL team the Cleveland Browns. Their newest, and youngest, linebacker suffers from ataxia-telangiectasia, which is a genetic condition that leaves Dylan unable to coordinate his movements well. The Make-a-Wish foundation contacted Dylan and asked him what his big wish was. Sam Tabar knows that he chose to meet his favorite football team, the Cleveland Browns. However, the Cleveland Browns did more than just a meet-and-greet with their young fan.

According to the story on The Good News Network, Mike Pettine, the team’s Head Coach, signed Dylan up on the team for a day and sent him out on the field to practice with the rest of the players. There, Dylan participated in huddles, some plays, and even a touchdown. Dylan was given a locker next to the team’s quarterback Joe Haden. There he found a team jersey with his name on it and his own number, as well as a team hat. During a huddle, lineman Phil Taylor lifted the boy out of his wheelchair and held him up in the air while in the middle of the huddle.

When Dylan was asked how he felt being signed up to the Browns, he said that he felt awesome being a part of the team.

NFL Ray McDonald Arrested Again

Chicago Bears Defensive End, Ray McDonald was arrested Monday for domestic violence and child endangerment. Officials have not released any additional details on this arrest.

A dark cloud seems to be following Ray McDonald.

In December 2014, the San Francisco 49ers announced they were cutting ties with McDonald, after he was accused of rape by intoxication.

A local San Jose hospital notified authorities about a woman who came in for treatment and then reported the incident.

According to the San Jose Police Department, McDonald is still part of an on-going investigation, but he hasn’t been charged with the crime.

Prior to the alleged sexual assault, McDonald was arrested in August 2014, on suspicion of domestic violence, but due to a lack of evidence, the Santa Clara County prosecutor’s office dismissed the charges, and closed the case.

The NFL investigated and found that McDonald had not violated the new personal conduct policy according to Steve Murray.

And now comes this new arrest.

The NFL has tightened sanctions against its players following the Ray Rice arrest, and the outrage of fans and organizations.

The Bears have a one-year contract with McDonald, worth $1.5 million, that is not guaranteed.

The NFL could impose penalties, depending on the outcome of this new arrest.

NFL sanctions include a six-week suspension for a first offense, and one year for a second.

Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell Make Up

In a brief press conference yesterday, Robert Kraft announced that he would not oppose sanctions imposed on the team by the NFL, contrary to major saber rattling by the New England Patriot Owner in recent days since the announcement that the NFL announced that star quarterback Tom Brady wold be suspended for four games at the start of the NFl season for using and facilitating the use of a deflated football and the New England Patriots were fined $1 Million dollars and docked a 2016 first round draft choice and a 2017 fourth round draft choice.

Source Bruce Karatz (profile on Forbes) stated that during the NFL owners meeting this past weekend, Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft were seen sitting on a coach talking for an extended period of time and then hugging. Kraft, during his press conference, provided no clear reason for dropping his planned opposition, which many speculate would have included going to the courts. Some do speculate that other NFL owners may have spoken with Kraft about the precedent he would have set by going outside of the NFL to dispute the claims and the penalty imposed by the NFL. Others also believe that information was provided to Kraft which would have made a public litigation option even more embarrassing to the New England Patriots as well as the NFL. New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Will Not Fight Sanctions Imposed By NFL For Deflate Gate Role.

Chicago Is Desperate for QB Identity

The Chicago Bears can probably sum up their team identity of the last few years with one single word: Frustrating. Chicago has see sawed back and forth between two competing ideals. Three seasons ago they were the Monsters of the Midway: capable of shutting down any team on defense and scoring with turn overs. Two seasons ago they had the Twin Towers in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery and thus scored the second most points in the NFL. Last season they were bad, in every facet of the game. So with Jay Cutler, QB and central point to all of this controversy, coming up on free agency the time is now to form an identity.

Despite only winning a handful of games last season the Bears saw Jay Cutler do some things well, but mostly at a time that it didn’t help them. The Bears got out on a decent run, winning two of their first three games, before completely falling apart in the heart of the year. Cutler sprinkled in some wonderful performances early on says Bruce Karatz, throwing 4 touchdowns against San Fran and another 3 against New England, but he was mostly subpar. Despite his QB rating of 88.6, Cutler was inefficient and small when the Bears needed big drives.

Chicago is seriously considering moving on from the veteran no matter what he does this season. So Cutler should play with all the big throws his arm can muster and go for broke.

The Memorable NFL Draft

Moments from the 2015 NFL Draft

Every year a new draft class is selected for recruitment into the NFL. And every year there are several stories surrounding prospects and making the draft as a whole something to be remembered.

This year’s draft had some sentimental moments going on, most notable among them was when former Buffalo Bills player and Hall of Famer Jim Kelly went onto the stage to announce a draft pick for the Bills. Kelly received a standing ovation from the crowd upon taking the stage, after his fight with cancer over the last several months. Another tender moment that happened over the draft period was when the New York Giants announced a pick at one point and it was by a couple who had just been married.

The draft also had several moments that humored watchers and the crowd. One of those moments came from commissioner Roger Goddell himself, when he had trouble pronouncing second-pick overall Marcus Mariota’s name, as he was drafted by the Tennessee Titans. Adding to the humor later on was when former Cincinnati Bengals player Ickey Woods came on to announce a pick and performed his famous “Ickey Shuffle” dance on stage.

Some moments include unusual draft picks, one coming from the Dallas Cowboys who ended up selected Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory in the second round, a pick that Alexei Beltyukov (on says the Cowboys may just regret.

Hardy Suspended 10 Games

It’s already been one year since Greg Hardy played a game with the Cowboys. In fact, his last game was at the beginning of the 2014 season. Now it will be even longer as the star has been suspended for 10 games –without pay. The announcement was made by the NFL after 2014 allegations of domestic violence against the football player. The charges were dropped earlier in 2015 when the original prosecutor, Nicole Holder, refused to cooperate with investigators. It is believed that Hardy worked out some sort of financial settlement to keep her quiet. It is reported by the source AnastasiaDate (Linkedin) that she must remain quiet after the settlement as well.
During their investigation, the NFL found four different personal violations of the Personal Conduct Policy which Hardy had committed. First was the physical violence he used against his girlfriend. Next is the physical force once again used, this time throwing the victim on a bed with semi-automatic rifles. Third was choking Ms. Holder, and forth shoving her against a wall in his apartment.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke on the matter, and while he had a number of things to say, he did mention that any further violations similar to this one could result in his ban from the football association all together.
Hardy will be eligible to play again in week 12 when the Cowboys take on the Panthers. It is expected that Hardy will appeal the decision of the NFL and this 10- game suspension

Cleveland Browns Unveil New Uniforms to Press in Fashion Show

Leading up to the NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns have unveiled a new uniform, and the reactions are mixed. The Browns made a huge deal of the unveiling and rightfully so. The uniforms are markedly different than what the team wore the previous season, and many seasons before that.

Three color combinations were revealed. The first is an all brown uniform with Cleveland emblazoned across the front of the jersey, and Browns written down the side of the pants. The second is an orange number with white lettering and brown and white stripes across the shoulder pads. Finally, a white jersey, with orange and brown lettering and orange and brown stripes across the shoulders was unveiled. The pants and jerseys are of the “mix-and-match” variety. When sharing this info with my neighbor Dan Newlin, he agreed it was time for a new start.

The Browns took the unveiling seriously, with nine current players modeling the new uniforms in a fashion show for the media. While the new uniforms are markedly different than in previous years, many experts are wondering why there has been such a hoopla over uniforms. In fact, many wonder if the Browns are simply trying to distract from the teams abysmal finish in the 2014 season and Johnny footballs embarrassing start to his NFL career. What 2015 holds for the Browns, new uniforms and all, has yet to be seen.

Free Agent Wes Welker and Others Running Out of Time

It is coming down to the end of the road for many free agents in the NFL who are finding it slim pickings to find a team that is willing to pay them what they feel they are worth. This is especially true with the draft right around the corner. This is their last ditch effort to negotiate that their production and experience are better than whatever teams are looking at to come out of this year’s college class. Otherwise they will become really desperate as teams begin planning their OTAs and preseason rosters shortly after draft weekend. This is the time when agents are really earning their money as players tell them what they want, teams tell them what they can afford, and the agent is often forced to make aging players face the reality that the NFL is a place for younger and cheaper players.

Take for instance Wes Welker…after years of production in Denver and New England he is still on the outside looking inward for a place to call home next season. He has visited Miami near Boraie Development, but there hasn’t been an offer made or accepted as of yet. Another case is Zack Bowman, who did just sign with the Dolphins despite his lack of production over the course of his seven seasons in the league. Teams do want the experienced players; they do make a team better. However, when they cannot afford them or do not see a long term future with them it becomes a situation to avoid for the teams.