NFC North

Harbaugh Was So Toxic…

The new coach of the 49ers in Jim Tomsula. The old coach was so toxic to the situation that he was not even on speaking terms with the new coach. As great as Jim Harbaugh was a coach, he must be the most impossible human being to work with. It appears that the 49ers were in such disarray that the front office had to get rid of Harbaugh before he was able to turn the entire team into a hurricane where in he was the eye. This might be why he only stays places for about four years. He spent four years at Stanford and then moved on. He was at San Diego four years before that, and that might be how long he can last.

With this new information, it is possible that Harbaugh will not be able to work out his whole contract at Michigan because he is such an abrasive personality. If it were just the 49ers, that would make sense, but he seems to move on from jobs quickly. If he is that hard to work with, we can only imagine how bad it will get up at Michigan.

Let Adrian Peterson Play?

The NFL players union emphatically calls for Adrian Peterson’s full reinstatement to the NFL active list. Peterson is currently on an NFL exemption that can only be instituted by commissioner Goodell. The exemption means that Peterson is out with pay. It is estimated that Peterson has earned 5.5 million dollars during his suspension. Peterson pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment after being charged with felony child abuse. The charges stemmed from an incident in which Peterson spanked his son with a switch in Montgomery County, Texas. Peterson who plays for the Minnesota Vikings was charged on the heels of the NFL attempts to tamp down mass criticism for their handling of domestic abuse cases in the NFL.

The media and many in the public like Gianfrancesco Genoso have called for the NFL commissioner to resign or be fired, but the requests were met with extreme skepticism and Goodell is still in charge. However, Goodell admitted that it could have dealt with such circumstances very differently. In response, Goodell raised the penalties for those that are charged with this particular offense. However, it is to be said that this represents a very small percentage of NFL players.

Calvin Johnson Dealing with High Ankle Sprain

Detroit Lions star wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, has been battling a high ankle sprain. Johnson hurt his ankle against the Green Bay Packers last month, and then aggravated it in Sunday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills. No surgery or additional medical treatment is required, but Johnson did say he needs to rest to let the sprained ankle heal. Coach Jim Caldwell will consider sitting Johnson this week, as the Lions play Minnesota Vikings. I’m up against Brian Torchin with Matt Asiata at RB and hoping he has a quiet game.

As a wide receiver, Johnson needs his ankles to cut, plant, and run. Without being able to do those things to the best of his ability, Johnson is a liability out on the football field until his injury heals up. The Lions will be looking to use Ryan Broyles, Golden Tate, Eric Ebron, and Reggie Bush more if Johnson cannot go this weekend.