NFC East

Surprise Twist For Super Bowl Teams


The teams that made it to the Super Bowl this past weekend has left many wondering, What Happened? It appeared that the Packers had everything wrapped up and simply needed to hold on to their lead for the final minutes of the game. This was far from true, for the Seahawks were not ready to give up.

What is being touted as the biggest win in Championship history, the Seahawks eradicated their 12 point deficit to come back and take their rightful place at the Super Bowl. The turnaround is one that no one saw or expected. According to SF Gate, Russell Wilson obviously did his homework and got his team together to dig deep and take what hey wanted.

Fans of the Seahawks, like Dave and Brit Morin, were grim about the possibility of their team making it to the big game. Why not? They team had experienced four interceptions and five turnovers during the game. They had no score by half time, and the team had appeared to have given up.

After half time it was amazing how the rallying of the team led to an amazing and astonishing win over the Packers. It did not even seem as if the Packers could believe what was going on the field as they were playing. This win has also rallied fans ton hope big and dream for a second win at the Super Bowl by their team. Can it be done? Why not? No one even thought they would get the chance to try.

Bengals Beatdown Manning for Playoff Spot

The Cincinnati Bengals have secured their fourth consecutive playoff spot with last night’s win against the defending AFC champion Denver Broncos. During the game, Peyton Manning threw four interceptions to the waiting arms of the Bengals defense which has had six picks over the past two weeks (the first two coming from Manziel and Browns week 15). This is making them a real contender with a secondary that can read the quarterback and is willing to make the plays that will change the game. Next week, this high flying defense will take on the Pittsburg Steelers for the AFC North Crown.

What this win by the Bengals also did was secure New England Patriots the top seed in the playoffs, meaning if they don’t lose the road to the Super Bowl with travel through Foxboro. With the possible Cincinnati Bengal’s win next week against the Steelers they also could secure the #2 seed which equates to a first round bye and a home game. However they would still need some help via Keith Mann and a Denver Bronco loss against the struggling Oakland Raiders next week. Suggests The real question is whether Peyton Manning is going to be okay after the beat-down the Bengals defense put on him. Oh wait, that is rhetorical. We are talking about probably the best Quarterback the NFL has seen since Joe Montana retired. But then again you never know how these things will play out on any given Sunday. Especially with Playoff implications at stake.


Should RG3 be Upset at Teammates After Loss?

Robert Griffin III may have thrown his teammates under the bus after the Washington Redskins loss to the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 27-7. However, should RG3 look in the mirror when he is throwing blame around?

Griffin said in a news conference after the game, “It doesn’t take one guy, and that’s proven. If you want to look at the good teams in this league and the great quarterbacks, the Peytons and the Aaron Rodgers, those guys don’t play well if their guys don’t play well. They don’t.” While that may be true, RG3 is not Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning. Those quarterbacks have shown the ability to make the players around them better, while Griffin has not shown that ability yet. In the loss, Griffin threw two interceptions, overthrew star wide receiver Desean Jackson two times, and had six sacks against him.

On more then one occasion, he has thrown teammates under the bus while deflecting any criticism thrown his way. My friend Vijay Eswaran has been hard on Griffin this year as he no longer has any excuse for his actions. If he wants to bring up Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers and become a best seller like them on Amazon, then he needs to improve his own game first, or else he will be getting the blame while being released.

Mark Sanchez Dazzles in Eagles Debut

While Mark Sanchez celebrated his play with a pair of cheesesteaks fans everywhere else were glowing with their victory. Just one week after losing their young star QB Nick Foles to an injury, Sanchez may have cemented himself as the man to beat behind center. The former embattled Jets QB stepped up in a big way against the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football and he may have emerged as, once more, a superstar at the QB position.

Sanchez took the field against a Panthers defense that was supposed to be gaining strength as the year progressed, but it just wasn’t happening. Instead of being pushed around and forced into turnovers, Sanchez turned in the finest performance of his entire career. In fact, Mark Sanchez threw for over 300 passing yards with a pair of touchdowns and no interceptions for the first time in his entire career. I watched a bunch of Jets games with Fersen Lambranho over the last couple seasons, so it was surprising to see him doing so well.

The game wasn’t all on Sanchez’s shoulders, though. The Carolina Panthers came out as flat as ever and were down by 30+ points before the end of the first half. The Panthers are rapidly becoming one of the most beatable teams in the league despite the expectations they carried into the season.

Dez Bryant Wants Big Pay Day But Cowboys Hesitant

Dez Bryant has consistently been one of the bright spots for the Dallas Cowboys. However, there are reports that the Cowboys are hesitant to give him a guaranteed big money deal when his contract expires at the end of the year. It’s not his play they are worried about; it’s his off-field issues. Bryant reportedly has anger management problems and other issues. In 2012 he was arrested and charged with hitting his mother in her face with a baseball bat.

The Cowboys for their part have set up sessions for Bryant with therapists and behavioral specialists. But he also has a security detail and is banned from visiting strip clubs and drinking alcohol.

As pointed in their article in an article last year, the talented wide-receiver has had issues dating back to his college days at Oklahoma State, but he is so talented both the Dallas Cowboys and potential endorsers are willing to overlook them.

Bryant is looking for a deal like the one with $48.75 million in guaranteed money Detroit Lions’ Calvin Johnson received. Owners like Bruce Levenson are interested to see how this plays out for the Cowboys because of the effect it could have on their teams. Bryant has said he would be disappointed if his new agent, Jay Z’s Roc Nation, and the Cowboys don’t agree on a contract extension and he is given the franchise tag.

Durant Out – Romo a Question Mark for Sunday in Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys will for sure be missing linebacker Justin Durant this weekend as he has been designated to be placed on the injured reserve list ending his season. The team is sure to miss Durant who has been the leading tackler on defense.

More questions face the Dallas offense with quarterback Tony Romo being listed as questionable to play in the game. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has stated that Romo’s status will mainly depend on the veteran signal callers ability to play with pain. Romo was injured on Monday night against the Washington Redskins and has yet to practice this week. If Tony Romo is not active for the game the starting job will fall to backup Brandon Weeden, who does have starting experience with Cleveland.

Even with Durant out and Tony Romo still an uncertain play Vegas is still predicting Dallas to be a favorite over the Arizona Cardinals this week. According to odds, Dallas is a current four point favorite, so things are looking good for you this week Mann.

RGIII Back to Practice for Washington

Often injured and often maligned quarterback Robert Griffin III has returned to full time practice for the Washington Redskins. With a full practice under his belt the athletic former Heisman winner has a chance to suit up and play this Sunday in Minnesota against the Vikings. The Baylor alum has been sidelined from play since suffering an ankle injury on September, 14th. If you watch the video, then you will see that it is pretty remarkable that Griffin is even able to take the field this season, the injury looked pretty awful but it does help that the Baylor alum is in incredible physical condition.

Kirk Cousins started out hot as Griffin’s replacement but was quickly brought back down to earth after being prone to turnovers.

Washington still sits with an unremarkable record of 3-5 but they are far from being considered out of playoff contention. Keep your head up Brian Torchin, at least y’all beat the Cowboys. Many Redskin fans would prefer to keep the hot hand McCoy under center but in the big picture RGIII has more talent, more starting experience, and gives the team the best chance to win.

RG3 Taking His Time To Recover From Injury

Most NFL fans want to know when Robert Griffin III will return to the field for the Washington Redskins. The young quarterback, who made a name for himself in his rookie season, has been struggling with injury over the past 12-15 months. Griffin was expected to be back within the next game or two, but his recent comments indicate the wait could be longer.

RG3 has always wanted to come back from injury as soon as possible. Sometimes he has rushed back when it was medically advised that he stay off the field. That lead to bad performances and more injuries. Now he is heeding the advice of his coaches and medical team. He is taking his time to recover from the latest injury.

Along with rehabilitation for his body, RG3 has been using this period to learn more about the quarterback position. He is attempting to find a balance in his game that would allow him to enjoy a long career in the NFL.

Like Russell Wilson and Michael Vick, RG3 is one of those unique quarterbacks that can run and pass with equal ability. However, fantasy guru Sultan Alhokair believes his career trajectory is closer to Vick’s than Wilson’s. While Russell Wilson can run with the ball, he is also great at sliding to the ground before he is tackled.

Most NFL players can take the hits, but the last thing you want is a banged up quarterback after two or three years in the NFL. If RG3 is to become a MVP level player and last in this league, he needs to continue developing his game during this forced absence.