Bruce Levenson, the recent owner of the Atlanta Hawks, sold the NBA team to a group of buyers led by Anthony Ressler. The purchase was finalized somewhere in the neighborhood of $840 million. The bank managing the sale of the team over-estimated the sale price to be around $1 billion, which may have chased other potential buyers away. There could have been more interested participants in the buying of the Hawks if the selling price had not been set so high possibly scaring other buyers with less cash to not participate in the bidding.

Levenson is now settling into his new life able to spend more time with his wife and family including grandchildren. Although Bruce is extremely busy on any given day, he and his wife Karen, have many philanthropic endeavors they work on. They are both involved in educational initiatives for disadvantaged young students. One of their favorite organizations is called “I Have a Dream.” Another organization is “Bringing the Lessons Home Program.” Creating a connection with students today of the Holocaust history and students taking lessons of this history home to be shared with their family, friends, and community. This is an awareness program that connects history with communities. The program is a 14-week course taught on Saturdays, with guided tours through the Holocaust Museum in the Washington, DC Area. The students earn community service credits and are eligible to participate in the Stephen Tyrone Johns Summer Youth Leadership Program. Bruce and Karen are very active in this program while building other educational events in their community.

The Levenson’s also started a Philanthropic-In-Resident program at the University of Maryland. This program is introduced to freshmen students during orientation week, designed to motivate students to become philanthropists and give them the education to work successfully in non-profit organizations while earning their degrees and after graduation. The programs are now expanding to many countries overseas including China, India, and Japan.

Bruce and Karen Levenson live in Maryland, just a short ride to the Washington, DC Area where so many of their philanthropy also resides. Raising their family in the same area they do so much community work builds strong community ties.

Bruce Levenson started his career as an award-winning journalist and writer shortly out of college with his partner Ed Peskowitz when they started UCG United Communications Group. This is a privately owned business and one of the largest in the world with over two million clients in various business sectors. UCG helps their customers achieve their goals and objectives. Throughout Bruce Levenson’s career, he has continued to play an active role in the UCG business.