Why does makeup matter? Is it just a fun hobby for beauty enthusiasts who like to play with color and contour, or is it really something that has an impact? We vote for the latter philosophy, as without beautiful faces to light up our days, would life really be worthwhile? No, beautiful faces don’t need a ton of makeup to have an impact, but the right choices in makeup, whether it’s a subtle touch up or a full on glam effect, make a huge difference in the impact of those gorgeous faces on the beauty starved masses.


There’s a reason why the makeup industry keeps on booming, year after year. For women who love to look good, having a great set of makeup tools is as important as breathing air and drinking water. Just ask any glam gal you see walking down the street, she’ll tell you it’s true. Another reason great makeup is always part of a woman’s fashion set list is that makeup is an affordable way to look good, no matter how much the economy swings around.


Any woman who cares about looking good with absolutely have a go to set of cosmetics that she simply can’t live without. Most makeup bags will include essentials like a great concealer, a great foundation in the perfect tone matching shade, a powder that blends perfectly and absorbs flawlessly, plus a foundation primer to keep it all smooth. Beyond these must-haves, fashionable gals will also want to have high quality cosmetics to highlight their lips and eyes. The colors and styles she chooses for her lips and eyes will depend on her personal taste as well as what she’s dressing for, but lipsticks and eyeliners and shadows are also absolute essentials.


Once a gal has all her makeup basics covered, she may be ready to explore looks that are a bit more unusual, and even daring. That’s where up and coming brands like Lime Crime, which is the boldly colorful makeup line that’s the brainchild of entrepreneur Doe Deere, comes in.

Lime Crime offers wildly colorful lipsticks and eye colors in a range of hues that would truly make a unicorn proud. Perhaps that’s why Doe Deere chose a unicorn as the symbol one of her leading lipcolors, Unicorn Lipsticks. These matte lipsticks go on smooth and stay put, to create a beautiful pout that’s pretty as can be. The Venus palette of grunge glam shadows from Lime Crime has everything needed to heighten her eyes and facial contours with a look that glows and adds an extra dose of glam.

Yes, makeup is a beauty essential for women today, and for women who want to take their look all the way to the edge of wild, there are great brands like Lime Crime out there to lead the way.