The E-cig market has taken shape with several cigarette manufacturers making a kill of this new market entrant. The E-cig which is a different and unique cigarette technology relays on heating the tobacco to the point of it being vapor.

Several manufacturers such as the British American tobacco have developed their own E-cig known as Heat not Burn (HNB). It has gone on to tap into the Japanese market the IFuse glo acquiring a 5.4% market share of the E-cigs. They are planning to double up their production, and they have launched an ambitious plan of investing $1 billion in establishing an all-new high tech product division.

Another company that has tapped this E-cig market is the Reynolds American. They announced their entry with the acquisition of blue cig back in 2012 for roughly $135 million. They later sold it to Imperial Tobacco to avoid the anti-competitiveness when they purchased Lorillard. They also were investing massively in their Vuse E-cig product which has now become a successful brand in the United States.

Philip Morris is also another giant in the cigarette manufacturing sector. It has cut its self a niche for being a world leader in E-cigs with its IQOS device. It is a rechargeable pen-like device into which a cigarette can is inserted. The IQOS relies on technology that makes use of flavored e-liquid rather than the real tobacco.

But the focus now turns on O2Pur another new entrant in the market. O2Pur has very eye-catching e-cig products that will catch the attention of any e-cig customer. 02pur E-cig offers customers a great deal of smoking experience like never before. How it has done it is by allowing users to experience that sweet dose of nicotine without really having to have that cigar in your hand and which is purely smoke-free. Some of it highly sought after products include; smooth nicotine salts e-liquid, Vape pens with 10ml bottles of o2pur e-liquid. Also, it also comes with a free starter kit to help you use it with relative ease. Alpha Vending, an LLC company in Utah, is responsible for manufacturing it