Litigation Process

The Relationship of Todd Levine and Clients

Todd Levine is a bright mind based out of Florida. As a founding member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., he works around the clock to ensure each project is completed in a timely manner. He has a rich history in the attorney business. Todd Levine first acquired the proper education. He first got a bachelors degree from the University of Florida, then completed the Florida Levin College of Law program in 1991. Over the years, he has amassed a loyal client following. In addition, Todd Levine has heavily contributed his opinions in the industry. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Todd Levine expands on how he approaches his job.

With a degree in one hand, and fresh ambition in the other hand, Todd Levine just needed his breakout moment. This came very quickly as complex commercial litigation cases are always coming down the pipeline. He was quickly assigned a particularity difficult case, but Todd Levine used a strategy of careful planning and patience. He soon found the road to success and won the case in a sweeping victory. This moment opened the door for clients, and fully cemented his carrer as an attorney.

Todd Levine spends each day doing whatever task needs to be completed the quickest. He plans the day around when he will be available, and what makes sense on that given day. However, there are many days when he is traveling around the region. This makes time a valuable resource for Todd Levine. In order to meet the demands of his clients, he ensures that he is always prepared. Whether it is courtroom arguments or just a simple client meeting, a single minute wasted is a minute that can not be returned. He must respect the time sensitivity of the industry. An attorney would not have a job with the support of their client.

The backbone of the industry are the attorney. They help business leaders of all walks of life navigate the legal hurdles. An Attorney can not afford to make a single mistake since time is of the essence to complete the job.

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Todd Levine And Progressive Law

Todd Levine is a well-known litigator based in Miami, Florida. He is also one of the founding partners for Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine Law Firm. A primary focus for Levine has been commercial real estate litigations; but he deals with various types of commercial cases. The types of clients he represents includes homeowners, investors, and contractors to name a few. Todd Levine attained his Degree of Law from Florida University Levin in 1991. Levine has a career that spans over 25 years within the Law Industry. His work with Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine Law Firm has assisted the organization tremendously.

During 2019, the law firm was recognized as one of the best in the country. The company received this high accolade of the Real Estate Litigation sector; given by The Best Lawyers in America. The prestigious firm also was recognized for their effort in the Commercial Litigation and Entertainment Legality. One of the establishers of the company, Alan Kluger, is proud of the organization. He expressed that the company is thrilled to receive the honor once again; and that this accolade is a representation of our customer service and professionalism.

For this year, The Best Lawyers in America looked over millions of votes to evaluate the honorees. Over 7 million votes proved Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine Law Firm to be a top-contender. Outside is his law practice, Todd Levine has a passion for music and art. He is continuously finding ways to implement these passions into his daily work.

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The Private Practice of Karl Haidek as a Litigator

People and organizations in business or partnerships often encounter problems in their dealings. Sometimes these conflicts don’t end hence creating the need for a legal process to end their wrangles. Litigation is the process of resolving a dispute through legal action. Being the most popular attorney’s, litigators represent defendants and plaintiffs in civil cases.

To help their clients win the cases, litigators have to manage the whole litigation process. Litigators have to be involved in the investigations, the discovery of evidence, pleadings, trials, settlement and appeals by either of the parties. For one to qualify to be a litigator one should pass the bar exam, have a bachelor’s degree in law and pass a test to the law school admission. Litigation is a highly involving career where experience and dedication do matter.

Karl Heideck's private practice

Karl Heideck’s private practice

Karl Heideck is an upcoming ligation attorney. He got his undergraduate degree from the Swarthmore College in 2003. Mr. Heideck schooled at the Templeton University Beasley School of Law, and in 2009, he acquired his Juris Doctor. He started practicing as a lawyer when he was in Philadelphia and got sufficient experience in the field. The main knowledge that he acquired was in filing cases for his clients and representing them whenever they faced litigations. Karl Heideck is highly skilled in tackling all steps of a litigation process, which includes pre-trials, post-trials, acquiring personal jurisdiction, responses for clients, appeals, and filling motions. He assists his clients whenever they want to sue other companies and individuals as well as defend them when they are under litigation.

Mr. Heideck got his practice certification and was licensed about seven years ago. He is a registered to practice general law which is a broad field and is made up of several law disciplines. It deals with criminal, business, litigation, real estate, family, and insurance. Karl Heideck has acquired a 6 years of experience as a lawyer and has gained enough skills to practice as a private attorney.