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The Life and Times of Greg Secker and His Journey to a Successful Forex Expert

Greg Secker is a renowned international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist and a great master trader. He possesses so many titles and has been able to balance all of them at that young age. He has been able to achieve his success. At the twenties, Greg Secker was already a multi-millionaire and has been able to establish one of the most successful companies that have been able to train over 200,000 potential forex traders. He is also a great author who have written several coaching materials and also contributing towards the writing of the bestselling book called The Book of Success. He also happens to be the owner of the top coaching company in Europe a company he established while he was only 26 years old.

Greg Secker began his career journey at Thomas Cook Financial Services whereby he was given a job as a tech expert. His job was to code a foreign exchange trading platform that he did confidently. He possessed natural intelligence considering that he had studied food science at the Nottingham University. He used to sell computers so that he could support his education while in school. During that time he used to be addicted to computers and learned how to code. He perfected with time and later became a geek. He understands every coding trick, and that is how he ended up being referred to Thomas Cook Financial Services. He also got a chance to run a new platform called VTD, Virtual Trading Network which in history happens to have been the first foreign trading platform. At the company, he was able to learn a lot of trading tricks which have been of great value in his career.

At only 25 years, Greg Secker became the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation which happened to be a famous American bank. He was in the company of high forex traders who happens to change his trading experience. He started implementing his strategies and started working on his strategies. Later his trading account was able to expand tremendously until he decided to start trading independently. He is today’s one of the leading forex trading giant in Europe.

How George Secker Teaches People About The Forex Market

As the owner of Learn To Trade, George Secker has been teaching forex trading to people for several years. He has often said that he’s not a why guy, instead he’s a why not guy. He has used to philosophy to succeed in business and the world of investing. He’s said that he’s open to trying out new ideas and then figuring out the details as he goes along.

George Secker studied agriculture and food sciences while attending university. He changed his focus after attending a Thomas Cook Financial Services stand during a job fair held at the school. As he also had a background in building and selling computers, he knew how to code. He was brought into the company to work on their Virtual Trading Desk software. In order to program the software he worked with traders and from that learned their craft and how to trade currencies.

After learning how to trade currencies and seeing first hand how lucrative it could be, Secker borrowed £5,000 in order to trade himself. He ended up turning that initial amount into £60,000 over the course of the next year. He eventually earned enough money that he could retire from trading as a full-time career. He was bored at home, though, so he took inspiration from public speakers such as Tony Robbins and decided to do something similar but built around forex trading. He now holds seminars where he teaches people the secrets of currency trading and how to do so profitably.

George Secker is from Norfolk, England. He has hosted financial seminars around the world including in places such as Ghana, Australia, the Phillippines, and New Zealand. He has also been a keynote speaker, including at 2011 National Achievers Congress. He was also awarded the Outstanding Individual Corporate Leadership award that is given out by National CSR in the UK.

The Greg Secker Foundation is a charity organization that Secker created in 2010. He awards money to youth programs that are focused on high-quality education, life skills, and developing leadership abilities. He has also helped in other ways, such as building 100 new home in Lemery, The Phillippines after a natural disaster.