To most people, success is being wealthy, owning and leading multi-million dollar companies. However to others, real success is using their career to impact others and striving to give back to the society for the right reasons. Some will engage in philanthropic ventures for public relations while others, help the needy people because they know what it is like to lack the basic needs. Kevin Seawright, the current chief financial officer at Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

Kevin Seawright has moulded his career by relating to people being compassionate. As a financial analyst, he uses his knowledge and experiences to steer his company into great success by advising them on the strategic moves that they can take part in. he uses his position to create job opportunities to the people in the communities.

He has achieved so much in his career as a financial strategist. He has led corporations into seeking and finding their competitive advantage. However one of the most appealing accomplishments is being involved in his community. He believes in eradicating poverty and helping others get out of the situation they are in. he has worked alongside various charity organizations to make sure that they eradicate poverty.

Kevin Seawright has led his company to collaborate with Summer Youth Employment Plan and other significant bodies in the communities to create job opportunities for the youths. He believes that once corporations take this issue at their hands there will be a great chance to end poverty, hunger and crime that may be brought about by poverty and hunger.