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The Professional Career and Work of TJ Maloney

TJ Maloney is an investment professional who has decades of experience. He joined the Lincolnshire team in 1993 and is currently the CEO and chairman of the company. Throughout his career, he has made it his mission to improve investments for entrepreneurs and individuals who need financial assistance. Before joining the Lincolnshire team, he worked as an investment expert in New York City. This gave him the edge he needed to improve his career and help the people who were coming to him for assistance. By working with experts, he was able to improve the services that he offers and allow other people to see the true potential in their own investments.

TJ Maloney is the formed chairman of the Boston College Wall Street council and has served on many boards to help people to benefit from the work that he has done. Along with having an extensive career within the investment industry, he is also highly educated when it comes to business. He graduated from Columbia University and has received many awards for his work within the field. Because of his extensive experience and education, TJ Maloney is able to offer his services to people all throughout the world. Despite working with Lincolnshire Management, he continually works with entrepreneurs and helps them to see the true potential in the type of work they are doing.

Lincolnshire Management is a firm that was established over two decades ago. Since its inception, it has become one of the most highly sought-after investment firms in the world and is working with people of all backgrounds. They take a more creative approach when it comes to helping people with their investments, which is allowing them to achieve the goals that they have and finally create the company that they have always wanted for themselves.

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Home is where Highland assets manager James Dondero’s heart is


If Dallas wouldn’t be Dallas without its Highland Dallas Foundation, then neither would James Dondero be James Dondero. That’s because the Highland Capital Management co-founder helps keep many of the city’s nonprofits thriving in myriad ways unseen.

JP Morgan was Jim Dondero’s first stop following his completion of accounting degrees at the University of Virginia — his investment experience there would then transfer to a stint at American Express in alternative credit strategy management. Protective Life named him chief investment officer in 1989; four years later, he and fellow investment banker Mark Okada started Highland Capital Management, moving the firm from Los Angeles to Dallas in 1994. View Additional Info Here.

The firm has $17 billion in assets under its management and offices in Sao Paolo, Singapore, Seoul and New York. Jim Dondero oversees assets management. Okada is the company’s chief financial officer.

Twenty-two Fortune 500 companies call Dallas home to much more than high-rolling business and their executives; several attractions in the two-city metroplex (population 7.2 million, including Fort Worth’s count) bring tourists from all over the world. The Dallas Cowboys NFL entry; the Dallas Mavericks NBA club; the Dallas Zoo, Symphony and Museum of Art; the Perot Museum of Nature and Science; the domestic abuse haven Family Place, and the Bush Presidential Center (recently the recipient of a $10 million Highland endowment) have benefited from Jim Dondero’s generosity and sense of philanthropy. Read This Article for more information.

The Highland Dallas Foundation oversees it all, giving the Dallas community social help as well as financial support.

Highland Capital Management has a solid name as a Dallas social leader. But Jim Dondero chooses to take no personal credit for his organization’s work. The firm, he says, is part of a community effort to keep Dallas in the lead when it comes to social initiatives.


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James Dondero and Working Abilities

Jim Dondero isn’t someone who ever randomly stumbles onto things. He’s the kind of person who thinks everything through with all of the caution and prudence in the world. That path has proven to do well for him so far, too. James Dondero is an individual who did extremely well for himself at the University of Virginia in Central Virginia. He studied in all sorts of classes while at the school. Go To This Page for additional information.

His education there helped him get ready for all sorts of things that were on the horizon for him. After his time with the institution was up, he was all set to go into the competitive work field. JP Morgan is among the United States’ most renowned financial firms.

That’s one of the companies that recruited James Dondero relatively swiftly. He worked for JP Morgan for quite some time, racking up brand new talents left and right. That’s when American Express came knocking on his door. He put time into the credit card business for a few years.

Later, Jim Dondero encountered Mark Okada and nothing has been the same ever since. Okada is the other half of Highland Capital Management, Dondero’s existing firm. The pair made the decision to create the company in the nineties.

Once the middle part of the decade came around, they changed its setting from Los Angeles, California to Dallas, Texas. What tied the duo together? They were investing banking connoisseurs who had in-depth work backgrounds to their credits. View More Information Here.

Jim Dondero continues working tirelessly as Highland Capital Management’s Chief Executive Officer to this very day. He’s even its determined President. When he’s away from his desk for extended stretches of time, he tackles the local philanthropy sector. He likes doing everything he can to empower charitable organizations that operate within the vast city in Texas.


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